Above & Beyond ‘We Are All We Need’: A Track-by-Track-Review

abovebeyondweareallweneedatrackbytrackreview_700x430Pure talent permeates through the speakers when an Above & Beyond track is playing. From cultivated musicianship to polished production, it’s nearly impossible to find a flaw in their offerings. Fans already suspected they were in for a treat when “Blue Sky Action“ dropped, and subsequent releases only hyped what ultimately delivers. Through 16 tracks, Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness and Paavo Siljamäki pour their hearts out through their fingertips, masterfully creating an album that could charm music lovers of all walks of life. We Are All We Need provides a peek at the uplifting possibilities of communion through music and would make any member of the #TranceFamily proud.

1. “Quieter Is Louder”

Like a sunrise after a storm with the light playing off the dewdrops, the intro track welcomes you into the album with the warming glow of a pretty piano piece from the talented hands of the trio.

2. “We’re All We Need” ft. Zoë Johnston        

Above & Beyond once again calls on the beautiful voice of Zoë Johnston for multiple songs, luring the listener like a siren. “In your love / I built a home / We Are All We Need, Darling,” she professes as synths weave a tapestry with pianos and just the right amount of pulsing beats to keep you moving.

3. “Blue Sky Action” ft. Alex Vargas

Already receiving heavy rotation from fans and the airwaves alike, this track—inspired by the film WALL·E—has yet to get old. The ultimate uplifting anthem has a feeling of freedom and the open air; a refreshing and positive journey prevails throughout the song.

4. “Peace of Mind” ft. Zoë Johnston

Things get a little gritty—in a good way—as “Peace of Mind” launches. But that’s quickly replaced by the soothing sounds of Zoë Johnston again, giving way to airy, angelic notes that wash over the listener before rejoicing in the spirit of danceable beats and a feeling of hope amid ruin.

5. “Counting Down the Days” ft. Gemma Hayes

I’ve been counting down the days and the nights / Since you last said that you love me / And it’s cold here in the shadows with no light / Since you last said that you love me. “Counting Down the Days” is a true example of what we say will make you #TranceCry (i.e., when the song is sad, but it’s just so good you can’t stop dancing and singing along with tears in your eyes). Hayes’ sweet vocals yearn for lost love in this exercise in empathy that lets you know you are not alone in matters of a broken heart.

6. “Sticky Fingers” ft. Alex Vargas

Hitting a bit harder, the perfect edginess and staccato beat balances with those beautiful melodies the trio never fails to deliver. Vargas’ soulfulness serenades for release from a lover’s dominating grasp of every waking thought.

7. “Hello”

One of the few instrumentals on the album, “Hello” gives the listener an emotionally cleansing moment, an awakening of sorts, as the album cycles through the range of human emotions.

8. “Little Something” ft. Justine Suissa

Fan favorite Justine Suissa (OceanLab, “On a Good Day”) returns to tug at the heartstrings for the more downtempo/chill “Little Something.” The masterful compositions and instrumentation of Above & Beyond soar into the stratosphere.

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