About Deanna

305223BF-093E-4A7C-9D57-64EAF2E53181Deanna Rilling is a veteran journalist based in Las Vegas, NV. She has been involved in the music scene for over 20 years and turned that love of music into a full-time career in 2007.

Contributions include Billboard, DJ Mag, DJ Times, Insomniac.com, Beatport, VinylMePlease.com, Elevate Magazine, Medium.com’s Cuepoint, Las Vegas Weekly, Las Vegas Sun, Whet Travel (Groove Cruise, Groove Island, and Whet Foundation), Nightclub & Bar, Star Magazine, on-air and voiceover talent at Pulse 96.7 FM/Pulse 87 NY, 944, Smash Magazine, Vegas Seven, Nite Guide, Vegas Magazine, Club & Casino, M8 Magazine (U.K.), Pulse, up! (Canada), UrbanDaddy.com, JackColton.com, onAir (Canada), msn.ca, Venetian Style, Las Vegas Life, EDM Magazine, Vegas Rated, Backstage, Ethel M Chocolates (MARS), Falcon Publicity, Circle 8 PR, and more.