Back to the (Sur)Real World: Exploring interactive exhibits with the aid of edibles

Re-entering the “real world” after 2020’s pandemic might prompt myriad emotions. Though it may be easiest to fall back in step with the comforting familiar, now is a fantastic time to go full carpe diem by welcoming new experiences.

Thanks to three new interactive art installations in las Vegas, one can reinvigorate the senses. But for some, Covid-19 has prompted pervasive feelings of anxiety, anti-social awkwardness, chronic stress, and more, thus could need a pick­-me-up before being fully able to set aside, worries and trauma. That’s just one of many ways where cannabis could help. Read on to learn more about Area 15, the Museum of Dream Space, lmmersive Van Gogh Exhibit, and more-plus potentially helpful edible-pairing suggestions for each experience.

Instead of loading up on Xanax or drinking a fifth of vodka, legal and regulated cannabis edibles are preferred by many as a safer alternate to find relief. However, as a general rule to note, experts abide by the suggestion to “start low and go slow.” Just like any other new regimen or medication, if you’ve never taken edibles before, test out your tolerance and reaction at home on a separate occasion in advance before heading out in public.

Plus, always remember to have a designated driver/rideshare when you do embark on an adventure. Also, don’t try to sneak in edibles-much like for food or drinks, security will put a kibosh on that upon being searched at entry. That being said, in the name of science, we did some of the research for you with some edible selections currently on the shelves in Las Vegas dispensaries (don’t forget many now offer delivery and curbside). We paired the effects with these different experiences to help remind us and elevate the wonders the real world still has to offer.

A full-day adventure awaits at the Area 15 complex. Though it technically opened last fall, people are finally feeling comfortable to venture out, so may as ,veil go all out on your visit to Area 15. With an overall energetic and vibrant vibe, cerebral stimulation abounds and ooohs-and-ahhhs begin with outdoor sculptures. Once inside, though the interior atrium is engaging, you can choose your own adventure at Area 15 with assorted exhibits.

For example, Museun Fiasco “Cluster” by Playmodes Studio is an “immersive sound-and-light spectacle.” This synchronized installation aims to explore the relationship between space, time, and perception for approximately 12 minutes of abstract scenes. For fans of Blue Man Group, “Wink World: Portals into the Infinite” from BMG co-founder Chris Wink offers six infinity multi-media mirror rooms described a “Psychedelic Art House Meets Funhouse.” Additionally, there’s the VR Oz Experience, AR Particle Quest, Brainstorm reaction center, Birdly Aight simulator, and an Emporium with a variety of arcade games. For thrill-seekers, check out the Haley’s Comet indoor zipline. The latest addition, Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart, can be a day of exploration in itself, so wear comfy shoes and keep your eyes open for dues, plus the mixology bar. And when you’re ready to take a load off and reaect, there’s cocktails in a digital forest, ice cream for the munchies, and The Beast restaurant by chef Todd English.

When it comes to medicating with edibles prior to visiting Area 15, cerebral stimulation would be a recommended goal. For this active and engaging choose-your-own-adventure, Sip Elixirs’ Mai Tai shot gave us an uplifting, motivated-yet-chill effect to grant the feeling of wanting to take in all life has to offer. A couple of Highly Edible Assorted Sativa Fruit Pucks would also be a good choice for added perkiness and mental focus. Learn more about the various exhibits at

This is one exhibit where you definitely should look but do not touch. You may have heard about artist Yayoi Kusama and her infinity rooms-as well as a selfie-taker who crashed into the artist’s Washington, DC exhibit and damaged one of her signature pumpkins that previously sold for $800,000.

For the Las Vegas limited-time exhibition located inside the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Palazzo, the Museum of Dream Space, or MODS, is inspired by the works of Kusama, combining the infinity rooms with digital art.

Touted as an “immersive, magical, and unique art appreciative,” the goal of MODS is to push and then break the limitations of physical exhibits and media thanks to technology. MODS also presents special events, such as featuring abstract freestyle pop artist Pretty Done.

While you’re more than welcome to take selfies at MODS, when it comes to medicating with edibles before you go, you’re gonna want to stay grounded and stable. Thus, a tiny pick-me­-up would be the best idea just in case. We recommend CANN Social Tonic in lemon lavender. With 4mg of CBD and 2mg of THC, it’s a calming mood boost to take the edge off being out in public again. Thanks to its fast-acting effects, you can try one, see how you feel then pop open another can or two if you’d like to up the ante. Learn more at

Probably the most chill offering of these three engaging outings and something new to look forward to is the original internationally acclaimed Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit. Making its Las Vegas debut on July 1 at a secret location yet to be announced, Lighthouse lmmersive and Foster Entertainment’s creation incorporates 500,000 cubic feet of projections, 60,600 frames of video, and 90,000,000 pixels to basically step inside the works of Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh.

Not to be confused with an exhibition of a very similar name currently showing at Area 15 (there’s some dueling exhibit drama going on, but that’s a different story), the Las Vegas expansion will be the ninth installation designed by Creative Director and Italian film producer Massimiliano Siccardi, paired with music by Italian multimedia composer Luca Longobardi and Art Director Vittorio Guidotti.

As a more passive experience to get mentally lost in,
a relaxing indica or hybrid would make for an enjoyable afternoon. Incredibles’ Snoozzzeberry CBN + THC candy bar featuring dark chocolate covered blueberries and crispies seems like a perfect, sophisticated edible for pairing with post-Impressionist art.

If sharing with friends who all want to be on the same level, try Qualcan’s box of Rice Crispy treats, individually proportioned for ease of use. Learn more at

We wish readers well as Las Vegas gets back to
“normal” and hope you and yours enjoy these ahhh-mazing artistic offerings our city is lucky to have.

(Originally published in Elevate magazine)

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