Konkrete Jungle Celebrates a Decade of Drum ‘N’ Bass

0309_Flipside_Lockdown_courtesy_t1000.jpgBring a bucket, because it’s likely your face will melt off when the World of Drum & Bass hits Las Vegas. In honor of its 10th anniversary, local bass crew Konkrete Jungle will pull out all the stops for a Sunday-night extravaganza at Downtown’s Thunderbird Lounge.

“We started Konkrete Jungle 10 years ago,” says the man known simply as Tasha. “Drum ’n’ bass-wise, we haven’t had a lot of different crews around, so we try to hold it down by bringing DJs that no one else has.”

The intense night of music will feature two areas: the World of Drum & Bass and the Lockdown outdoor lounge. “The World of Drum & Bass has been around 19 years. It’s led by DJ SS over in the U.K.,” Tasha says. “So we’re going to have three U.K. DJs with one special guest.”

Alongside DJ SS, other headliners include The Prototypes, Brookes Brothers and Bladerunner, with support from Selekta Steel, Rob Riddum, Razor Savvy and Thugxurious.

“In the Lockdown area, we have some local support from Jayrod, who’s been spinning here for probably 10 years,” says Konkrete Jungle’s FX Logik. “We also have Tommy B, [from] the speed garage scene.” Logik and Madame Filth will spinning a fidget house set, too.

Get there early and prepare to stay late—as long as there’s an audience, the party will rage on. “We have a lot of people coming from out of town—Utah, California and Arizona—so I think they’re going to be looking to stay late and party,” FX Logik says. World of Drum & Bass at the Thunderbird Lounge, March 12.

Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly.

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