Song and (pole) dance show: Strippers expose a brave new side of karaoke

Sing off! “Allure” belts out a number as another performer dances at the Velvet Lion (Photo: Leila Navidi)

“It’s just like any other karaoke night—but with titties,” says “Eve.” The exotic dancer is right. There’s a whole lotta off-key singing and nekkedness going on at Velvet Lion gentlemen’s club.

Stripper Karaoke kicked off about two months ago with Vegas karaoke legend 2 Tons of Fun (aka Larry Murry) as host. Every Monday night, from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m., strippers and patrons compete for the $200 karaoke grand prize.

“They pick a song out of the karaoke book, and they just unclothe themselves in a sense and sing some of their favorite tunes,” Murry says. But before you put your pole-dancing lessons to use, only dancers are allowed to strip down to their skivvies. Singing customers stick to one side of the stage, struggling against distraction while a Velvet Lion girl flings her top in their general direction.

Gettin’ 2 know 2 Tons: Larry Murry moved to Vegas in 1996 to sing in “The Manhattans” at New York New York. He’s hosted karaoke here for over 11 years; you can catch some of his sweet, sweet professional vocals as he helps out newbie singers who’ve gone awry.

“It’s a little slow tonight so I figured, ‘Why not try to win the contest?’” says “Allure,” who worked up the courage to sing “Angel of Mine,” but opted not to strip simultaneously. However, some dancers do both, and, later the same night, one strips and sings “Jesus Walks,” while a second dancer joins her onstage for some crazy pole acrobatics.

“I’m singing karaoke in a strip club in Vegas!” calls out a thrilled/drunk patron from North Dakota as he improvises a vulgar version of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues.” Eve puts a little country bounce in her step to accompany the song while she works the stage.

Dancer “Snuggles” has a more difficult challenge when the Weekly stops by. While Matt T. from Vegas imitates the low guttural vocals of “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” by Crash Test Dummies, Snuggles does all she can to dance to the strange, super-slow song. Thankfully she gets a make-up dance to showcase her skills as the night alternates between karaoke and regular booty-shakin’ music.

“People come out to karaoke to have fun, loosen up, have a good time,” Eve says. “The mood is always light, plus you have your strippers!”

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