Flying with the Egil

ImageSwedish Egil: DJ, 56, Los Angeles by way of Malmo, Sweden.

I went to boarding school, and they wanted to have a dance every two weeks. I got quickly elected to be the one to put it on. Those Tuesday-night dances turned into a residency at a place where they did a club every Friday night. That turned into a Saturday night, and then school took second place and I was on my way.

It sounds so cliché, but the music has been evolving ever since I first started; that is what really drives me.

I’ve been working with my nephew, Carl Noren. He’s a 19-year-old kid from Sweden, and we’ve been doing a bunch of remixes, so I’m going to feature some of those remixes in my set.

The younger kids are just not so limited, maybe, emotionally as an older crowd. An older crowd is a little bit more reserved, try to be a little bit cooler. Then at a rave, many times both come together at an all-ages event, and many times you find people all the way into their 40s just there to enjoy the music.

House music is really big right now. I think that before, I sort of felt that you had to educate people. Now I’m going to be playing what I think a lot of people are already somewhat familiar with. That always makes for a good party.

Egil discusses his career, from KROQ-FM to Groove Radio, in the Nocturnal Admissions podcast.

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