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  • Remembering DJ Jordan Stevens

    Remembering DJ Jordan Stevens

    Rising through the ranks of the Las Vegas underground electronic music scene, Jordan Stevens worked his way up from playing underground warehouse parties and afterhours clubs to spinning alongside legends at the world’s top venues. He’ll perhaps be most widely remembered as the weekly resident DJ for Paul Oakenfold’s groundbreaking prime time “Perfecto” party at Rain…


  • Artist to Know: Menno de Jong

    Menno de Jong may be the biggest name in trance. That is, he’s literally like 6’7” or 6’8” if I remember correctly and towers over other DJ/producers. So yeah, he’s kind of a big deal, both height-wise and in the studio. But besides the fact that most DJ booths are just too short for him,…


  • DJOYbeat Exclusive! Max Graham Talks “Cycles 5,” Playing at After and More

    A passionate proponent for preserving the art of DJing, Max Graham sat down with DJOYbeat for an in-depth conversation. It was a DJOY to speak with him (see what we did there?), so much so, we wanted to share the conversation with everyone to gain an insight on the world of electronic music today with…


  • Album Review: Contact by ATB

    Album Review: Contact by ATB

    If 2013 was the year electronic dance music turned into a machine, 2014 will hopefully see producers get back to creativity instead of formulas, songwriting instead of an oversaturation of synths. Leading the charge is ATB with his ninth studio album, Contact, out January 24 on Kontor Records. The DJ/producer behind such club classics as…


  • On the DL with CL: DJ/producer Christopher Lawrence

    Get your trance pants ready, even if you shy away from — or don’t know much about — this particular style of electronic dance music. Christopher Lawrence, the 2008 America’s Best DJ titleholder, returns to Vegas and aims to make everyone happy Sunday night at Moon. Vegas is kind of a finicky club scene. Do…


  • The great electronic music debate: An EDM primer

    “You wanna go check out DJ so-and-so on Friday?” “What kinda music do they spin?” “Uh… electronic music?” “Duh, but what? House? Trance? Breaks?” “Well, house… kinda. But some tracks are trance-y. Occasionally there’s some cool blends or ‘mash-ups.’ Crap. I don’t know. Just go with me, okay?” Genres. Friggin’ genres. Classifications are one of…


  • A sign of the times: legendary trance duo Cosmic Gate finally comes to Vegas

    If you have no idea why dance music fans are geeking out over the news that trance duo Cosmic Gate is coming to town, read on. And if you’ve been a loyal follower of Nic Chagall and DJ Bossi (né Claus Terhoeven and Stefan Bossems), since their first EP in 1999, this is for you,…


  • Cheese-free music, now with less la-la? A candid interview with Paul van Dyk

    Memorial Day weekend. Las Vegas. Famed German producer/DJ Paul van Dyk. ’Nuff said. What can we look forward to hearing from you on May 24 when you headline the Love Festival at the Palms? I’m always really energetic with what I do, so it’s going to be full-on. The other thing is that I have…


  • Getting tech-y with it: The sphere of Noel Sanger’s influence

    “In a lot of people’s worlds, I’ve completely vanished off the radar,” says DJ/producer Noel Sanger. But he’s still creating a plethora of new tracks and DJing, plus continuing to collaborate with some of the bigger names in the biz … And Sanger does it all without “fart-y basslines” or “crack head-y” beats. You’re an…


  • Christopher Lawrence loves our locals

    “It’s one of my favorite clubs in Vegas,” said DJ Christopher Lawrence of Body English. Headlining on Wednesday for Godskitchen, Lawrence was back in Vegas to spin for a packed house. “The way the dance floor’s set up you can definitely connect with the audience,” he said before taking the stage. “It’s a club for…


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