Tag: BT

  • A moment with BT

    I’m actually performing electronic music more live than I do in the studio, taking all these bits and pieces from my records—things that I’m composing live, bits and pieces from other people’s records—and recontextualizing all of these … chunks and making something new in front of everyone. One of the things that I love doing—and…


  • Getting tech-y with it: The sphere of Noel Sanger’s influence

    “In a lot of people’s worlds, I’ve completely vanished off the radar,” says DJ/producer Noel Sanger. But he’s still creating a plethora of new tracks and DJing, plus continuing to collaborate with some of the bigger names in the biz … And Sanger does it all without “fart-y basslines” or “crack head-y” beats. You’re an…


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