EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Triple-Threat DJ Colette’s “When the Music’s Loud” Tour Comes to Vegas

Sometimes there’s a singer. Sometimes there’s a DJ. Sometimes there’s a singer with a DJ or a DJ that sings on their own productions in the studio. But how often do you see a DJ that’s also the live singer at the same time? A rare triple threat in the form of the legendary Colette will step behind the decks on April 8, 2023, at The Usual Place in Downtown Las Vegas, NV.

Colette is currently touring in honor of the 10-year anniversary of her revered album When the Music’s Loud (named one of the “Top 20 Albums of the Year” upon its release by Billboard and later “One of The 99 Greatest Dance Albums of All Time” by VICE, among other numerous accolades). Expect not only tried-and-true classics that sound just as fresh as when they first dropped but new surprises as well that channel the sounds and soul of her hometown—and the undisputed birthplace of house music—Chicago, IL.

We chatted with the Candy Talk Records label owner, who first started delighting dancefloors around the world in 1997 with her singing-and-spinning combo. Colette reflects on her career, shares her thought on the local Vegas electronic music scene, the delight of playing for multi-generational audiences, and more.

“Having been doing this style of music for so long—I started releasing songs like 30 years ago!—and it’s just wild because you see some people that have been coming out to parties for the last 25 years, and they still love it as much as they did then,” says Colette. “I always say that music is ageless … What’s interesting is now I’m seeing a lot of people who grew up with house music from their parents—or they even [go to shows] with their parents—and I think that’s amazing!”

Expect to experience some of that camaraderie Saturday night, with family reunions abounding—specifically of one’s adopted music family, as many longtime fans say they’re closer to others in the scene than their actual blood relatives. Another aspect lending to the guaranteed good vibes is Las Vegas event promoter and fellow DJ on the bill, Edgar Reyes, known for the long-running Soul Kitchen events.

“I really love playing for Edgar,” says Colette. “Every time that I do a party with him, I always just have the best time—those are the kind of events that you want to be a part of where you can tell someone is really putting their heart into it.” Also on the docket for Saturday night will be locals Ryan Christian and AFS for the first Classic Case party of 2023.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Triple-Threat DJ/Producer/Singer Colette’s “When the Music’s Loud” Tour Comes to Vegas
DJ Collette (Photo credit Tony Martin)

While she’s played practically every major club in Las Vegas over the decades, Colette credits spinning at venues off the Strip as just as rewarding, if not more so.

“I like playing off the Strip, and it introduced me to the local Vegas scene, which is really cool,” she says. “I love the community, and I feel really connected with it. I’ve seen it change a lot over the years, and it has really grown.” Colette’s love for Vegas also extends to the city itself, and she makes it a point to hit up her favorite local restaurant downtown. “I always go to Le Thai, and it’s always really excellent. That’s one of my favorite places to eat at and the food is always super tasty!”

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Triple-Threat DJ/Producer/Singer Colette’s “When the Music’s Loud” Tour Comes to Vegas

Also predictably tasty will be Colette’s upcoming project with Doc Martin and Pete Moss. “I’ve been friends with Pete and Doc for a long time, so it’s always really exciting when you get to collaborate with people that you’ve known and respected for so many years.” Fresh remixes of her set staple “Hot Wire” are also on Colette’s release radar this summer.

“As a DJ, you are constantly reintroducing yourself because the average person might only go out to clubs for maybe 10 years, but you do get a lot of people who stay in this house family their whole life.” That doesn’t mean you must be a seasoned house music fan to get into the groove. “There’s a lot of kids who’re turning 21 or just discovering it, so they might recognize your name, but they may not really know you intimately as a DJ. So you really are always playing to people that know you and also playing to people that are seeing you for the first time.”

All are welcome on the dancefloor Saturday night. “For me, house music is always in style,” says Collette. “There’s never a wrong time to fall in love with a genre!”

Learn more about Colette at Colette.com and get tickets to her tour stop at The Usual Place by clicking HERE.

Originally published by Vegas411.