Press Release: WeedGenics Continues Growth With New Products and Additional Facilities Expansions in 2022

Thanks to another successful year for Integrated National Resources’ WeedGenics, the company announces even more cannabis manufacturing capabilities in the New Year

ADELANTO, Calif., January 27, 2022 – Thanks to another successful year for Integrated National Resources’ WeedGenics, the company announces even more cannabis manufacturing capabilities in 2022.

Upon completion of WeedGenics‘ new 150,000 square-foot grow and manufacturing location in Adelanto, CA, at the end of 2021, the rapidly expanding partner of choice for cannabis and THC-infused products announces an additional 90,000 square feet will be constructed at the Southern California location. But the growth of WeedGenics doesn’t stop there. Beyond the successful existing Southern Nevada and California facilities, WeedGenics is also expanding to the medical cannabis market of Oklahoma, where they’ve just broken ground on the first of 10 buildings that will be 15,000 square feet apiece. 

Cannabis plants grow at WeedGenics’ Adelanto, CA facility

While the Oklahoma facility expansion is still in the early phases, WeedGenics can confirm the next three phases at Adelanto, CA, will consist of three 30,000 square foot buildings. Each will have 18 rooms with 40 lights (a general rule of thumb that each light yields two pounds of cannabis flower). Six rooms will be dedicated vegetative rooms along with six flowering rooms. In total, the next Adelanto expansion will have 720 lights at 21,600 amps, 18 dehumidifiers, 18 exhaust fans, and a reverse osmosis system. With a primary focus on cultivating hybrid cannabis strains, the WeedGenics master growers are currently working on crossing strains from world-renowned genetics laboratories thanks to the endless genetics hunts conducted to produce multiple in-house only hybrid strains.

Striving to create strains with the best cannabinoid and terpene production while also increasing the yield, the WeedGenics genetics and testing programs ensure all newly formed hybrid strains have an enhanced resistance to pests and disease. All newly developed WeedGenics strains are contained in the test room so as not to affect current production when growing an unknown cross. This extensive process ensures the continued top-shelf quality and quantity associated with WeedGenics‘ grows.

As the manufacturing partner of choice for premium medical marijuana thanks to the WeedGenics‘ unique extraction process, they also have equity in 30 dispensaries. Additionally, WeedGenics curates cannabis products with the goal of creating the highest-quality strains and concentrates to aid patients living with PTSD, phantom pain, cancer, night tremors, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more. WeedGenics was also named “One of the 20 Innovative Companies to Know in 2021” by Global Business Leaders Magazine.

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Originally published in the International Business Times

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