Press Release: WeedGenics Recognized as One of the 20 Innovative Company Everyone Should Know in 2021

Buzz around INTEGRATED NATIONAL RESOURCES INC.’s WeedGenics continues to grow

LOS ANGELES, August 17, 2021 – Buzz around INTEGRATED NATIONAL RESOURCES INC.‘s WeedGenics continues to grow both in the cannabis industry and now the mainstream business world as well. Named by “Global Business Leaders Magazine” as one of the 20 innovative companies to know in 2021, the company was featured by the Atlanta, GA-based publication both in print and online thanks to WeedGenics‘ place as the manufacturing partner of choice for premium medical marijuana products.

With a primary focus on cultivating cannabis to help individuals with PTSD, phantom pain, cancer, night tremors, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more, WeedGenics‘ unique manufacturing and extraction process are just some of the highlights touted by the magazine as reasons to pay attention to this ever-expanding enterprise. Founded in 2010, the latest expansion of WeedGenics’ capabilities includes a new 150,000 square foot grow and manufacturing facility location in Adelanto, CA. WeedGenics also oversees merchandise selection and operation of 26 dispensaries in addition to its two grows such as the aforementioned Southern California expansion and the original 52,000 square-foot Southern Nevada facility.

“We are pioneering in production capabilities of complex range as well as proprietary methodologies for creating the best cannabis and botanicals extractions on the market,” WeedGenics President and CEO, Mike Garcia, tells the magazine. To read the full article, see the accompanying PDF or on the “Global Business Leaders Magazine” website.

As cannabis acceptance and legalization expands throughout the United States, the INTEGRATED NATIONAL RESOURCES INC./WeedGenics continues to rapidly gain interest amongst new investors and media.

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Deanna Rilling, WeedGenics

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