Press Release: Integrated National Resources Inc. Announces Ultra-Modern 150K Square-Foot WeedGenics Cannabis Facility


Integrated National Resources Inc. Announces Ultra-Modern 150K Square-Foot WeedGenics Cannabis Facility

Despite the uncertainties of 2020, one industry continued to grow and excel: Cannabis. US retail marijuana sales rose approximately 40 percent last year, with projected revenue of $37 billion by 2024 (Source: Marijuana Business Daily).

The vertical integration of INTEGRATED NATIONAL RESOURCES INC. ( first entered the market in 2010 and is now primed to expand its highly successful operations. Via their existing cannabis cultivation facility, INTEGRATED NATIONAL RESOURCES INC. already holds equity positions in 24 cannabis dispensaries throughout Nevada and California that produce consistent positive cash flow regardless of key indexes or market activity. Up next for the cannabis enterprise is an ultra-modern 150,000 square feet grow operation in Adelanto, California. The brand-new, high-tech facility is opening in five phases and serves as the manufacturer for numerous cannabis brands throughout the state.

Production capabilities of the WeedGenics complexrange from cultivating premium sativa, indica, and hybrid flower, to proprietary methodologies for creating the best cannabis and botanicals extractions on the market. These superior products are also used to produce edibles for brand white-labeling including candies, gummies, and chocolates. Made by a team of farmers, engineers, doctors, and scientists, this premier technology primes INTEGRATED NATIONAL RESOURCES INC./ for higher-yield and shorter run times without compromising quality, purity, and safety. Even more important, the extraction solvents are approved for use in the food and pharmacology industry, thus the American Food and Drugs Agency (FDA) considers it to be “GRAS” (I.E. Generally Recognized as Safe Substance).

Energy efficiency is also a key factor in everything INTEGRATED NATIONAL RESOURCES INC. sets out to accomplish. By working closely with Dream Builders Consulting Inc. to coordinate and develop their plan, as well as gaining visibility and traction for the project, will ensure all California green initiatives are not only met but also exceeded. This dynamic campaign maximizes DBC’s strategic relationships across the finance, tech, health, and wellness industries. 

As cannabis acceptance and legalization expands throughout the United States, the INTEGRATED NATIONAL RESOURCES INC./WeedGenics new facility expansion is rapidly gaining visibility and interest amongst consumers and investors alike. For more information, visit


Deanna Rilling, WeedGenics PR

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