Club Quarantine: Gabriel & Dresden, Kristina Sky, Destructo, & Chris Cox Help Fight the Coronapocalypse Blues

club quarantine
Clockwise from top right: Kristina Sky, Destructo, Chris Cox, and Dave Dresden

Staying connected in this uncharted era of social distancing might be easier than ever before thanks to technology. However, as stay-at-home orders to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) are taking a mental toll on many, creative ways to fight isolation have emerged rapidly, including many artists in the world of music bringing fans together virtually via live streams, Q&As, listening parties, and more. While streaming is nothing new, a plethora of content has quickly emerged as lockdowns began as not only a way to keep the cabin fever at bay for fans, but creators themselves as well. DJ/producers such as Dave Dresden (Gabriel & Dresden)Kristina SkyChris CoxDestructo, and more are turning anyone’s living room into a makeshift dancefloor to get you up and moving during these troubling times and provide a much-needed mental escape from the daily news. …


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