Cymatic Sessions Celebrates with a Set From Aney F

aneyfAney F is embarking on his first North American tour, and it includes a gig for the local Cymatic Sessions’ three-year anniversary party. With over a decade’s experience behind the decks, he recently opened up for Richie Hawtin at a sold-out Halloween show in Aney F’s native Slovenia, and he’ll be bringing those vibes to Vegas Friday night.

What’s the electronic scene like in your home country? We’re a really small country. Only 2 million people live here, but we have a good, small scene, and you can listen to international DJs every week. Unfortunately, we don’t have big festivals, as there is simply not enough rave people here, so you really need to love what you are doing to survive in our scene.

Since you’re new to Las Vegas, how would you describe your sound? It’s hard to describe music with words, but I could say my sounds are going from minimal to deep tech to techno, but from my point of view I still play good house music.

You launched your Innocent Music label six years ago. I decided to open my own imprint to push my stuff out and also to give chances to other upcoming quality artists. Innocent Music is a platform for young and upcoming artists from all over the world.

You’ve been releasing some music on vinyl. Why is that format important to you?I’ve released a lot of records in last couple of years. It’s not that it is important to me, but I’ve released music for other parts of the music world who play just vinyl—there are still a lot of people who are doing it. Cymatic Sessions with Aney F at Juicy Beets, 3900 Paradise Road, November 17.

Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly.

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