Seven Lions Headlines the Horizon Tour


Fresh off teaming up on single “Cold Hearted,” the unlikely duo of Seven Lions (Jeff Montalvo) and Kill the Noise (Jacob Stanczak) have extended their collaboration, hitting the road alongside Tritonal (Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed) for the Horizon Tour. It stops at World Market Center Pavilions for an 18-and-up Saturday night show spanning a myriad of sounds, and we spoke with Montalvo all about it.

How did the tour come about? I actually did a remix for Tritonal a long time ago, and they’ve been friends of mine since the very beginning of their career, so it just kind of worked out to do a tour with them. I actually met Jake a long time ago, too, and we always talked about working on music together and touring so we decided to make it happen this year—but definitely a long time in the making for sure.

What prompted the Horizon Tour name? We were all just really trying to think of something that fit all of us, because we’re all pretty different. Tritonal’s very much on the lighter side of things, and Kill the Noise is very much on the darker side of things, so it actually took a little brainstorming to come up with something that was going to be all-encompassing and that we all could get behind.

What about trance and dubstep enticed you to create this unexpected pairing of genres? I am a metalhead who got into trance, so for me, it made sense, the whole melodic music with broken beats behind it. … Even though there was a lot of stigma behind it at first, it worked out. The Horizon Tour with Seven Lions, Tritonal and Kill the Noise at World Market Center Pavilions, November 4.

Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly

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