Jamie Jones Brings Paradise to XS for Halloween

JamieJones2_t1000The place to be for underground music aficionados this Halloween is XS, grooving with Jamie Jones. The Welsh DJ/producer will get deep and tech-y at the Encore nightclub on Tuesday, as he brings his infamous Paradise party to Las Vegas for a ghoulishly great night of music.

For Paradise, will you be crafting a Halloween-inspired set and working in any spooky tracks? Yes, for my Halloween sets I always try and work in some Halloween-inspired tunes. I always drop a horror movie theme tune or a sound clip from a movie—something like that.

Any chance you’ll get into the spirit of the holiday and rock a costume? I always try and wear costumes for Halloween. Last year I went as Eddie Murphy from Coming to America, which was kind of cool. I used to dress up as Michael Jackson a lot when I was a kid back in the U.K.—especially in the ’80s, no one wore anything other than scary costumes for Halloween—but I remember dressing up as Michael Jackson from Bad for carnivals and stuff.

Describe the Paradise brand for those not in the know. The aim of Paradise as a brand is always to bring together edgy, forward-thinking underground music but never forgetting that we’re there to have a good time and doing it with colorful flair. But most importantly, the Paradise crew are like one big family, and I think you feel that vibe at the parties.

Your latest EP on your Hot Creations label is called Kooky Music. Where did that name come from? I wasn’t sure what the A side was on this EP. One track was called “Sound of Music,” because it was a cover, and the other track was called “Kooky Chords,” because the chord break sounds a little quirky. I decided to name the EP a combination of the two bigger tracks on there: Kooky Music. Paradise Halloween with Jamie Jones at XS at Encore, October 31.

Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly

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