Spend a Weekend at Encore with Duke Dumont

IW_DukeDumont_t1000Duke Dumont might have named his label and an album Blasé Boys Club, but there’s nothing unimpressive about his music. The Grammy-nominated U.K. native, born Adam George Dyment, brings his infectious house sounds back to Las Vegas for a double dose of groovy beats at Encore Beach Club and XS this weekend. We caught up with the DJ to talk about his latest work.

You recently released a remix of “The Man,” by Las Vegas band The Killers. How did that project come about? I really liked the song originally. It’s always great to remix a song you already like, and they’re a legendary band and they have a history of commissioning great remixes. They just reached out to us asking to do a remix, and I very, very rarely agree to do remixes now because I don’t have enough time. I’m so busy touring and busy making my own music, so it was nice to do a remix again.

You upload lots of live sets for your fans. What’s been one of you favorites to release this year, and why? I did a [five-hour set] in Los Angeles, and that’s one of my favorites because there’s real dynamics. It’s not just one kind of beat for hours; it’s just not one monotonous five-hour set. There’s highs and there’s lows. Plus, we recorded the crowd ambience as well. You can hear the crowd’s reactions to the tracks and things like that, and it just really adds to the atmosphere.

Are you working on a new album? Yeah, going into 2018 I’m just in the studio in Los Angeles recording and recording and recording, which is what I absolutely love doing. There’s that side and a full tour on the schedule throughout the entire year. Duke Dumont at Encore Beach Club, October 20; at XS at Encore, October 22.

Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly

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