Claude VonStroke Brings Dirtybird Vibes to Drai’s Beachclub

0914_Automatic_Claude-Van-Stroke-Photo-by-Dan-Wilton_Courtesy_t1000Flock to Drai’s Beach Club on Sunday, Dirtybirdies, because your leader Claude VonStroke is flying in for another set full of funky, techy, bass-y beats. The Dirtybird Records label boss (aka Barclay Crenshaw) will project poolside positivity at one of the last flings of summer.

Your label has become like a family of fans. To what do you attribute the camaraderie? We’re definitely very community-based, and there’s a lot of groups of friends that come to all of the shows that we play. People at festivals see other people dressed in Dirtybird clothes, and they go and talk to them—it’s a thing now. I didn’t know it would happen like this, but it’s fascinating and awesome. People just link up because they’re all fans, and that’s cool.

Do you think it has to do with the style of music or the Dirtybird DJs’ willingness to get out from behind the booth and interact with fans? It even goes to our [Dirtybird Campout] festival where we play all the games with the fans and we are out on the dancefloor. I think it comes from the artists. It’s not just the music. I think it’s just the way we are.

If people meet you on the dancefloor, should they call you Claude or Barclay?[Laughing] It depends on if they’re at a Claude or Barclay show! I answer to both.

What’s coming up for you on the music front? I have this really cool remix on Jesse Rose’s label coming out of “Believe,” then I’m doing a track with Bruno Furlan right now. We’re gonna have some more Get Real music, and I’m working on other stuff, too, nonstop—Barclay Crenshaw music. Claude VonStroke at Drai’s Beachclub, September 17.

Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly

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