Tuesday is the New Black

Las Vegas locals find new underground exploits to enjoy, just off the hustle and bustle of The Strip in these Tuesday night events…


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If Vegas locals seem exhausted at work on Wednesday mornings, that’s because Tuesdays have become the hottest night to party for those in the know. Not one, but three of Sin City’s best soirées go down on the most random of nights and they’re nowhere near The Strip. So get out of the EDM-laden mega-club bottle service rut and dig in deeper to the underground party scene where the drinks are cheaper, the dress code relaxed and no one gives a damn about lasers and confetti. Your new mission, should you choose to accept it, is to call your favorite ride-booking service and party-hop between Techno Taco Tuesdays, Cymatic Sessions and Nickel Fucking Beer Night. Three different takes on a nightlife alternative, yet all started by DJs.

Tacos & Beer, a quaint restaurant and bar at 3900 Paradise Rd. (complete with a Cheech & Chong wood carving presiding over the bar), is the best way to have your techno and keep up your stamina to stay up past your weeknight bedtime. Not only are the tacos delicious and cheap, but the music is on point. So much so that in its two years, the party has expanded to the parking lot. The crew of Tino “Bad Beat” Gomez, Lance “Le Rok” Rodriguez, Pedro Flores, Eder More, Ralph Hernandez and Ben Farrell regularly lures in 300 to 350 people on a normal Tuesday, with upwards of 500 for their Techno Tent parties.

The music starts at 9pm and goes until 3am (the kitchen stays open until 2am for your late-night grubbing). “The cool part is at three in the morning, we still have 30 to 40 people there,” Gomez tells DJ Mag USA. Previous artists to headline Techno Taco Tuesday include Mind Against, Agents of Time, Spartaque and Steve Mulder. “All these guys are up-and-coming and getting lots of attention, so that’s kind of what we want to focus on — not so much the DJs that everybody knows,” Gomez explains. However, every so often they throw in a tried and true underground vet like Halo Varga and Thee-O. “I think having a party that’s not part of The Strip just gives you so much more freedom to do anything that you want,” Gomez says.

Another Tuesday hot spot takes place at a mixology den for Cymatic Sessions. The party’s home at Downtown Cocktail Room (111 S. Las Vegas Blvd.) in the hip Fremont East district keeps out random tourists thanks to a speakeasy-style entrance with a pseudo-hidden door. Rafael Laguerre originally was asked on as a DJ, then took over. “The GM at the time is a friend from New York City who ran clubs like Vinyl with Danny Tenaglia when he had his residency there and Crobar when it was open,” says Laguerre. “They allowed me to do the whole East Coast thing and continue to play and book whomever I wanted and continue that East Coast flow.”

New to promoting, he went for it and started calling up friends, with Saeed Younan signing on to be the first big headliner (each month there’s another special guest; the other Tuesdays they keep it local with residents). “We ended up in Maxim magazine for Hottest Off The Strip Haunt,” says Laguerre. “That was kind of when we felt like we really had something and we just continued after that. We booked Oscar L, Danny Krivit — we just continued to run with it and it’s been working ever since.” Other guest sets have included Quivver (aka John Graham), Darin Epsilon and Miguel Bastida.

Cymatic Sessions goes from 10pm to 2am, and the once-a month headliner parties expand from 9pm to 4 or 4:30am, maxing the capacity out at 125 people. “I spoke to Tino [Gomez] about a week or two ago; we’re trying to support each other’s big events and stick together,” Laguerre says. “It’s the middle of the week and we’re making enough noise to be recognized.”

The longest-running Tuesday staple takes place just around the corner from Downtown Cocktail Room at Beauty Bar (517 Fremont St.). Nickel Fucking Beer Night is just that: five-cent brewskies. Just bring all your sofa change for a good time. Joe “Stasis” Borusiewicz is a local bass music scene mainstay harking back to the ‘90s rave scene. He’s traded spinning for throwing some of the best fêtes in town. Celebrating five years during EDC Week, Borusiewicz wasn’t even sure NFBN would last a few weeks. “Going into the first month, we realized a couple hundred people were willing to come out on a Tuesday and figured we could start throwing on different kinds of music and see what worked,” he says. “The beer kind of served as the common denominator between the punks and the rockabilly kids and the hip-hop kids and the ravers.”

Borusiewicz started booking DJs that played anything from drum ‘n’ bass to deep house, hip-hop to indie acts and punk bands. “Over the years we’ve had people like Coolio in there, we had Washed Out play, we had Lil Debbie play, we had Andy Rourke from The Smiths come do a DJ set twice,” he says. “And then on the EDM side, we’ve had people like AC Slater, and Netsky a few times, and we’ve done a whole lot of drum & bass from the Hospital Records tour multiple years to the RAM Records tour.” He adds, “We’re pretty much all over the spectrum and what’s cool about it is we find that pretty much anything works! When the beer’s a nickel, people are pretty open-minded with their musical choices. There’s probably nowhere else in town where you’re going to see hardcore punk-rockers getting down to drum & bass at three in the morning!”

If the party continues to pack them in to both the interior bar and the outdoor back patio (complete with retro camper), another five years is totally likely. “For a weekly event in Vegas, five years goes by dog years basically,” Borusiewicz says. “If you can last five years on a Tuesday night in Las Vegas, you can probably last 30 and be fine. We’re just gonna keep doing what we’re doing and as long as people keep supporting it, we’re gonna keep going.”

Originally published in DJ Mag USA

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