Dancing While the Sun’s Up at Further Future

furtherfuture.jpgYou needed to clone yourself or pull an all-nighter (or an all-weekender) to catch all the nonstop music options at Further Future. Even with impressive stamina and strategic napping skills—including that one guy who brought his sleeping bag to the Robot Heart stage—managing to squeeze in every awesome set was a challenge.

The post-hailstorm chill in the air Saturday morning was almost forgotten once your blood got pumping to the beats. Helping that along—and waking up the crowd—was techno favorite Dixon, who went on much later than planned. He began in the smaller Void Village tent, then, after everyone ran to the Robot Heart stage/bus, finished with a joyous sing-along to Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence.”

The party continued back at Void Village where, despite ominous late-morning skies, Las Vegas’ own Spacebyrdz packed them in early. While many ended up lounging on mattresses throughout the space, their toes still tapped along, especially to the duo’s Prince tribute.

Lee Burridge properly ushered in Sunday morning atop the bus—as he has done before at Burning Man—with many costumed revelers climbing the giant metal heart above the booth. Frank & Tony followed by grooving into the day, the warm vibes of their set complementing those of the cloud-free sky. While many attendees appeared to leave that afternoon, those who stuck around were treated during Jane Fitz’s time behind the Void Village decks. Blessed with a sandstorm-free slot, she busted out an all-vinyl set with resounding perfection—and an impeccable punctuation to the depth of talent and skill that Further Future offered.

Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly.

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