Three Questions with Blond:ish

blondishThe duo of Anstascia D’Elene Corniere and Vivie-ann Bakos earned their moniker of Blond:ish while promoting a DJ night of the same name in their native Montreal. Their music channels spirituality, whether they’re throwing down an underground DJ set or a full live performance.

 You recently did a live Essential Mix recorded from the beach of Tulum. What was that like and how did you shape the vibe to the environment?

It was perfecto. We played for eight hours on the beach, with friends, complete with some mezcal and guacamole, the local beach dogs, the sound of the wind and waves, while the sun did its thing over the course of the day till after sunset. We didn’t really shape the music to the environment, but it shaped the vibe of our set … we just played ping pong with paradise. It was magic for us…

Speaking of vibe/environment, what kind do you hope to bring to Sound?

We never really plan our sets so much, but do our best to adjust according to the environment on the fly and with a bit of pre-prep on our assumptions. We do our best to bring everyone on ONE vibe: LOVE vibes.

You experimented with visible sound for your debut album Welcome to the Present. Where did the idea of creating cymatics videos for each track on the album from and can you explain more about it?

We were taking a course on sound meditations/sound healing and went deeper into discovering what sound exactly is and really began to peel some layers off. One of the course topics was cymatics, and we didn’t know much about it before the course. It really fascinated us that every resonant frequency has its corresponding sacred geometry image that can be visible through the science of cymatics. It’s always there in front of our eyes and all around us, but we can’t see it unless it’s focused through a medium like water or sand. Basically we wanted to introduce our fans to cymatics (for those that didn’t already know) and that sound is much more than what we think of it today as a 2D waveform. We wanted to open that topic for anyone else that is as curious as we are about our love for sound in all of its glory.

Originally published in Sound Magazine. 

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