Eats Everything Brings Tasty Beats to Light

eatseverythingdanreid_t1000If Las Vegas nightclubs really are diversifying their dance-music programming, they should consider booking more artists like Eats Everything. The Bristol native (aka Daniel Pearce) brings an infectious groove to his sets, taking club culture back to its roots by driving people to the dancefloor. We caught up with him as he prepares to return to Las Vegas for Disclosure’s Wild Life Party at Light.

We caught one of your sets at Light last year and have to thank you for not cheesing it up for Vegas. What are your impressions of the city, and what do you hope to contribute musically? Whether I’m playing in Vegas or a sweaty basement in Bristol, I’m still the same DJ—I wouldn’t cheese my set up just because of where I’m playing. Vegas is a great city to let loose; there’s nowhere quite like it in the world. I’m not a fan of the VIP culture though. I hope my sets get people properly going for it on the dancefloor away from the red velvet ropes and Champagne bottles.

You just dropped a new track with Green Velvet, a collaboration probably on a lot of producers’ bucket lists. How did “The Duster” come about? Green Velvet is one of my heroes who I’m also lucky enough to call a friend. We often play at the same parties, most recently at my Fabric compilation party at the club in London. I actually made this record a while ago with the original Nuyorican Soul vocals and sent it to a few people. I got such a great reaction that I realized it would be worth properly releasing, and I knew that Green Velvet would be up for helping me re-record those vocals.

How about your own Edible record label—what’s coming up? We’ve got two new EPs on the way: One from Jesse Perez, a great Miami-based DJ, and one from Rhythm Masters that’ll be dropping around August. I’m really happy with how the label’s shaping up at the moment.

What tracks are you really feeling right now that are staples in your set? I’ve obviously been playing “The Duster” out a lot, as well as the most recent Edible release from Brett Johnson, “Jack,” which is a really cool, quirky track. Aside from that, there’s a whole load of different stuff. I like “Soundgarden” by DJ Dep—a new release with a great groove to it—and “Eyes On You” by Sucker DJs, a classic from 2005 with a disco feel that I’m really loving.

Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly.

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