Noisia for the New Year

noisiaHopefully you got a new pair of dancing shoes over the holidays, because the best chance to break them in is with Noisia. The Dutch trio of drum ‘n’ bass DJs/producers also known as Nik Roos, Martijn van Sonderen and Thijs de Vlieger

are kicking off January 1 with a show at the House of Blues. With 2016 promising a new I Am Legion album with Foreign Beggars, plus a flurry of new offerings on all three of their record labels, we caught up with Roos prior to the gig.

Who are some of your biggest non-DnB influences?

The Prodigy, Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim, James Brown, some punk rock and a lot of ‘90s hip-hop and the beats, especially from that time. For example, Busta Rhymes was really cool.

You guys cross into many genres. What sound would you like to try incorporating that you haven’t yet?

At the moment we would like to do something electro tempo, because we’ve done it on Split the Atom. We’re trying to find a way to make something at that tempo that we like, but it’s difficult because there hasn’t been the sound that we like has kind of died down a little bit, the French electro sound, people like Justice and that sort of thing. But we would like to find a way to make something at that bpm sound cool.

Are breakbeats due for resurgence?

Maybe, it would be great. I think that genre, when it became nu skool breaks, what they called it in the later stages seemed to really consolidate the rhythm to a very simple pattern and it would be great if there were breakbeats and it was really about more interesting rhythmical patterns than just a 4/4 with a snare instead of a kick on the second count. I would like to hear the more organic drums and drum kits where breakbeats are originally from to come back a bit.

What is a must-have tool that you guys are using in the studio?

One thing that I really enjoy that I have in my studio is a Crane Song Avocet. This is a monitor controller—it’s basically a very expensive volume knob, but because of the functions it has, I wouldn’t want to live without it.

Your music has been featured in many video games. If you all had your own game, what would the story be? [Laughs]

It’d be really boring. Or it could be an ornithology game where you spot birds. All three of us used to go bird watching independently of one another.

Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly

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