Techno Producer Sian Makes His Vegas Debut This Halloween

sian_t1000For the discerning clubber, the music and vibe is more important than winning a Halloween costume contest. That’s where the After crew saves the day with a late-night bash at Foxtail, where Irish-born, Spanish-bred techno producer Sian will make his Las Vegas debut.

Can you define “classic modern techno” for the uninitiated? It’s about making records that stay around for longer in this time of disposable releases flooding out every week. We want to create a more lasting image.

In your early rave days, what tracks or DJs influenced you? Dave Clarke, Green Velvet, [John] Digweed—these were all rule-breaking DJs who mixed up genres and educated big crowds, regardless of their fame or standing. Tracks like “Desert Storm” or “San Trancisco” opened my brain up to the hypnotic power of ’90s dancefloor boogie!

What’s on the horizon for your music and your label, Octopus? I’m about to release a new EP in November. I also have a remix coming on Bedrock for John Digweed and a few more things underway this year.

Tattoos tell a story. What does your most meaningful one say about you? Well, I love the ones on my neck and hands. They mean I can never get a normal job! Commit 100 percent.

Since you’re playing on Halloween, are you going to get into the spirit with a costume? My friends are trying to dress me up as Alice in Wonderland. I’m not sure how I feel about wearing a blue dress and blonde wig, but it could work out, no?

Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly.

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