Nicole Moudaber Closes Sundown’s Summer Fun

nicole_moudaber_by_darren_black_t1000Vegas, take note. One of the most respected and legit tastemakers on the scene is about to put you “In the Mood” when she takes over at Daylight on Sunday. Techno and house titan Nicole Moudaber will grace our ears during Sundown’s closing party, so don’t miss the event your cool underground friends will be raving about on Facebook.

You’ve played Vegas before, but artists like you are usually relegated to afterhours. What’s your impression of playing the city? It is actually one of my missions: Vegas. I insisted on getting Vegas, and by chance, because I’m in the States touring at that time, they jumped on the occasion; I was available and it worked. But since the beginning, yes, I’ve played EDC many times, and I’ve played Drai’s Afterhours, which I really enjoyed. I did it with Dubfire. So that was a really good crowd, but as a challenge for me, I just want to convert these people and teach them what it is.

Are you going in with any sort of plan for your set during Sundown? I don’t know what to expect at Sundown, but I’m used to sunsets in Ibiza and all over Europe. But we never really do a countdown for that, so that’s going to be interesting. Other than that, I’m obviously not going to bang it out with my techno kind of vibe, but I’m going to play nice and house-y, make it a bit more approachable, never compromising with the cred and the coolness.

Speaking of the music, you’ve got a new EP with vocalist Skin called Breed out September 18. What was it like teaming up with her? Skin from Skunk Anansie, they are a massive iconic rock band in Europe. For her to agree to work with me was pretty amazing; it’s an honor working with an established songwriter icon like that. The marriage between rock and techno was very challenging. It took me a while to nail it, because working with vocals on house and techno is not easy, and you don’t want to sound cheesy. … And what’s the point in doing vocals if I’m only going to take a sentence or two? I might as well get on the mic and do them myself. I’ve sang on some of my records, saying a sentence or two and tweaking them and making them work like that, but what’s the point? So I’m really proud of this project; it’s different!

Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly.

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