Three Things ‘We Are Your Friends’ Got Wrong About DJ Culture

We-Are-Your-Friends-1_t1000.jpgConsidering the popularity of electronic dance music, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to cash in on it. Unfortunately, with We Are Your Friends, it’s been done with cheesy and eye-rolling stereotypes. Here are a few of those moments in need of a reality check:

1. Who the hell does PCP?! We Are Your Friends went for the lowest-common-denominator aspect of dance music culture with copious drug use of assorted varieties. But when veteran DJ James gives wanna-be Cole PCP? I’ve seen and heard a lot of things in 15 years of raving, but never someone taking that.

2. In the movie, James helps Cole make a track. In reality, as the washed-up star, James would have asked Cole to make a track for him—and Cole would have been so thirsty to make it in the industry, he’d become a ghost producer.

3. Those headphones have got to go. Throughout the movie, in case you forgot Cole wanted to be a DJ, he wears his taped-up headphones everywhere to remind you. And considering Cole’s big gig in the film is sponsored by Pioneer, why doesn’t the dude have a decent pair?

Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly.

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