New Afterhours UNDR Launches Labor Day Weekend

furtherfutureIn the history of Las Vegas nightlife, strip clubs and afterhours parties go together like vodka and Red Bull. The tradition is being revived, thanks to one of the local scene’s experts: Thom Svast.

“I was approached about being the director of the afterhours at Striptease [on Valley View Boulevard in Chinatown], which is the old Velvet Lion, which had an awesome afterhours a handful of years ago,” Svast says. Known for his roving party After, which has played host to some of the coolest underground house and techno artists, Svast is adding a new weekly concept called UNDR on Saturday nights.

“I still want After to be its own freestanding club at some point. That’s the goal, so without putting the After name on something but keeping the concept going, keeping the feeling going and the legitimacy of the brand and the music going, we came up with the UNDR concept,” Svast says. “It’s going to be all the same resident DJs. The same concept of After still applies without having to use the After brand, which we’ll save for future things that are happening.”

Much like the notorious Seamless afterhours party (that Svast also managed for a time during its heyday), the exotic dancers will retreat from the main floor at Striptease as UNDR kicks into gear starting at 3 a.m. and running until 8 or 10 in the morning.

“We’re going to do locals for free after 3 a.m. and we definitely want to cater to that. The location is so close to the Strip and so centralized, and it’s got easy parking and inexpensive drinks,” Svast says. The dress code also will be low hassle: “Dress like you have a job,” Svast laughs.

The party starts Labor Day Weekend. Fridays will be a rotation of resident promoters and DJs with a mix of genres. Saturdays will be the UNDR parties with Spacebyrdz, Justin Baulé and the MNTRA collective in rotation. Sundays will be Brett Rubin & Miguel Ortiz Present. Find updates at, or on Twitter at @undrafterhours (or the hashtag #UNDRachieving).

Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly.

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