The Crystal Method Returns to DJ the Grand Opening of Hustler Club’s Rooftop Venue

Crystal_Method_Press_Shot_2015_t1000.jpgThe Las Vegas icons who helped put Sin City on the electronic music map are returning home for a pair of gigs. Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland, known to fans as The Crystal Method, will again give us a much-needed dose of breaks, bass and bleeps when they headline the grand opening of Fuso, the rooftop party spot at Hustler Club. The two parties overlap with the pair’s recent promotion of the The Crystal Method Remixedcollection.

There used to be a rumor that you guys started out DJing in strip clubs, correct?Jordan: (laughs) Right! Yes. I think it was just a Wikipedia thing.

Kirkland: Back in the day, Justin [King] and Steven [Abbott] at [record label] City of Angels made that up and put some stuff in there about that … just making stuff up to make us sound more interesting. We went to a lot of strip clubs, but we never DJ’d at any of the strip clubs.

It’s ironic that now you’ll be playing one with your gigs at Hustler Club’s rooftop nightlife concept, Fuso. Kirkland: Many times, strippers are on top of people. We’re now going to have a party on top of strippers. It’s a little different, but I like it.

You’ll be doing a DJ set this time, but why haven’t you brought your recent live show to your hometown? Jordan: Well, we typically do that when we’ve got a new album out, but we only did one last year. We did one in LA, a major production with all kinds of guest singers and musicians, and it was a lot of fun. We were hoping to take it out on the road, but it was a really expensive show to put on. We needed to string a bunch [of shows] together, but we couldn’t get enough strung together to do a tour. It’s just been mainly DJing. Sometimes at festivals, we’ll play the TCM2000 Bass Odyssey [with] the guitar CDJs. But yeah, I’m sure we’ll play live again, we just don’t know when.

You’ve said that 2014’s self-titled album could be your last LP and that you might switch to only releasing singles or EPs. Does that still hold true? Jordan: I think we’re always working on what we think is the next album. We might just choose to release singles and EPs instead of waiting so long in between [full-length albums] now. We haven’t decided yet, though.

Kirkland: I definitely don’t think we put any sort of restrictions on what we can do, but the world is just a different place and we have to acclimate to that by thinking more EP. But when we start thinking EP, we get closer to thinking LP … producing albums is definitely a lot of fun.

Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly.

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