The Five Least Romantic Moments From Marilyn Manson’s Valentine’s Day Show

20150215_LVW_Marilyn_Manson_LE11_t1000.jpgIf you’re anti-Valentine’s Day, then spending the Hallmark holiday with the Antichrist Superstar seems an appropriate protest against all things romantic and cuddly. Fortunately—and with what appeared to be the aid of copious amounts of booze—Marilyn Manson put out for fans at the House of Blues on February 14 for the Vegas stop of the Hell Not Hallelujah Tour. It was easy to shrug off the singer’s often incoherent slurs, because the music still delivered (even if Manson’s voice wasn’t quite on point). While goth couples abounded—and I even ended up miraculously meeting an awesome guy at the show, so I wasn’t without a Valentine after all—Manson seemed to ignore the holiday, for the most part. I thus present his five least lovey-dovey moments.

1. “Get your pussies ready and your cocks hard.” Manson’s instructions to the crowd are far from Shakespeare’s sonnets, but they’re met with resounding cheers. Nearby some out-of-place-looking club rats asks, “Where’s the mosh?”

2. Manson makes a monitor his bitch … repeatedly. After fornicating with said stage gear, he assures us that, “Just because you’re in Vegas doesn’t mean you’re hookers.” Thanks for the vote of confidence. And thanks, by the way, for The Pale Emperor, probably your best work since 1996.

3. “Cupid Carries a Gun.” Manson doesn’t go for the obvious performance with the song “Valentine’s Day.”

4. Appropriately, “The Dope Show” is followed up by “Third Day of a Seven Day Binge,” which is what Manson appears to be going through.

5. “We hate love, we love hate!” Nothing gives a middle finger to romance like a crowd wildly chanting against it, just before Manson launches into “Irresponsible Hate Anthem” to close out the concert.

Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly.

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