Album Reviews: Haezer, De Lux and Alesia

Bass music

Haezer Gold Plated Frequencies EP (Tasty)

Badass. From the first low-bass frequencies into some much needed breaks in the world these days, South African DJ/producer Haezer is onto something with his latest EP. It’s grinding, deep and a bit aggressively bouncy. When the track kicks in on “Bass Addict,” you’ll get happy little energetic chills. All five tracks flow together for that album experience—something overlooked by many producers today who just slap a bunch of songs together. There’s a welcome analog warmness and rawness to the music. We’d love to see Haezer stateside soon. ★★★★☆

Post-disco dance-punk

De Lux De Lux (Scion A/V)

This is what we’d been hoping the Daft Punk album would sound like: lots of funky grooving basslines and guitar riffs. The Los Angeles duo of multi-instrumentalists Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco get heads bobbing with the retro feel of “Better at Making Time.” The song “I’ve Got to Make a Statement (No More Likes or Ums)” channels the vibe of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition;” De Lux goes a little Duran Duran with “Love is a Phase;” plus a bit of LCD Soundsystem and Kraftwerk are thrown in on “Move Through Your Memories” and “Make Space Visitors Remix (Sal P & Dennis Citizen Kane).” A respectable offering by 22-year-olds who know and pay homage to the roots of the sound. ★★★☆☆


Alesia Andrea (OWSLA)

A cinematic opening via “Dies Irae (Intro)” eases the listener into an underground lair. Then the album offers some dirty danceable darkness on the title tracks. Get out your goth gear as the EP continues with the French duo delving into industrial territory for a good chunk of the offering, particularly on “Otho” and a bit of break beats on “Jezabel” (if you only download one song fromAlesia, make it this one). Rounding out the album, “Industriae” would be perfect for getting robots to shake it with deep synths and punches of distorted grit. ★★★☆☆

Disc Scan

Upcoming on Deanna’s radar …

JAN. 17: Of all the veteran house music DJ/producers still in the biz that deserve much respect for sticking to their guns and not going the commercial EDM route for a paycheck, Max Graham gets major kudos. Dig into the mix with him on Cycles Vol. 5. JAN. 30: I’m willing to bet the #TranceFamily will be downloading A State of Trance 650 by their leader Armin van Buuren promptly at midnight.

Originally published in Vegas Seven.

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