‘It’s ‘Peewee’s Playhouse’ on Acid’: Freakshow Wrestling Returns

jake_roberts_pic_1_hr3_t1000There are only a few cities in which having “professional weirdo” as your job title is actually an asset. Jenn Neal, better known to Las Vegans as the glass-eatin’, fire-breathin’ Jenn O. Cide, has teamed up with Sinn Bodhi and the Amazing Johnathan for the most unique Labor Day Weekend option we’ve heard about in, well, ever.

Bodhi, a former WWE wrestling legend known as Kizarny, came up with the idea for Freakshow Wrestling, Neal says. Bodhi sought inspiration from the fantastic freaks of Sin City, combining sideshow performance with wrestling for a two-year run at a rotating list of venues. Eventually, Neal says, heartbreak put an end to the show and Bodhi headed to Florida to learn tattooing.

This weekend, Freakshow is back with the End of the World Party—just in time for Bodhi’s birthday—its biggest blowout yet.

“It’s Pee-wee’s Playhouse on acid with really large, dangerous men throwing each other around like rag dolls—and then in comes a clown that staples things to himself and somehow it all makes sense—and it’s hilarious,” Neal says.

Plus, expect a zombie horde, clown army and possibly an epic helicopter entrance (pending FAA approval, of course). Wrestling stars are even getting in on the action, including Bodhi himself, along with Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Gangrel, Chavo Guerrero, John Morrison and Brian Kendrick. GWAR’s Techno Destructo, the Ghost of Macho Man, Clownvis, Scorch the Clown and live music by the Radioactive Chicken Heads up the entertainment ante. The Amazing Johnathan is coming out of his recent retirement to co-host with Jenn O. Cide.

“If you like wrestling, you’re gonna love the show,” Neal says. “If you hate wrestling, you’re gonna have a f*cking blast.”

Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly.