Concert Review: Chevelle, The Joint at the Hard Rock, July 12

rs_7_12_14_c_chevelle_kabik-25In an audioscape infiltrated by electronic music and Auto-tune, it’s rare to hear a band that delivers the quality of its albums during a live show. But the trio of Chevelle more than delivered. Brothers Pete and Sam Loeffler along with Dean Bernardini commanded the stage, sounding just as pristine and onpoint as any record in their 20-plus-year career. Any fan would have been delighted as they rocked out, playing favorites such as “Send the Pain Below,” “The Clincher,” “I Get It,” “The Red” and, of course, “Hats Off to the Bull.” The band’s newest album, La Gárgola, released in April, also received a fair amount of play with tracks such as “An Island” and “Take Out the Gunman” for a well-rounded balance of enticing legit solid rock tunes. ★★★★✩

Originally published in Vegas Seven.

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