Nikki Phoenix Plays Beauty and the Beat

nikki_phoenix_HOMEPAGE-630x339.jpgBefore you jump to conclusions: Nikki Phoenix did not just hop onto the electronic-dance-music bandwagon because it’s popular. Quite the opposite. The actress from movies of the adult variety is an old-school raver with a passion for bass and beats. We spoke with the Las Vegas siren about her first single, her upcoming book and what makes her move.

How did the track “My Addiction,” with DJ/producer and XS resident Kris Nilsson, come about, and how would you describe it?

It’s about love and sex at the same time. When I was writing the song, oddly enough my dog sort of inspired me. [Laughing.] Which is kind of weird, and I swear it’s not bestiality or anything! I was sitting there petting him; his name is Thor. So the hammer and the overall godlike persona of what [mythology’s] Thor is: [The lyrics] “Smack me with Thor’s hammer” just hit me on the head. And then, “A bolt of lightning coursing through my veins,” is like how love is this thing that overwhelms you and is in your blood.

DJ Nilsson and I met at XS when I first moved to Vegas about a year ago, and I asked to take a picture with him. We exchanged numbers and talked back and forth. My manager also made friends with him and told him that I sing and write lyrics all the time. He sent me a couple of beats, and I went from there! The vibe of the single is more dark-house, early ’90s beats, after-hours.


You used to be a raver?

I was 14 when I started listening to dance music. I went to the underground raves in Seattle where I’m from originally, and my very first boyfriend that I had in high school was a DJ and he spun vinyl. I remember just being in his room listening to him mix. He played a lot of drum ’n’ bass, and introduced me to the Prodigy. I dressed in the little furry go-go boots, wore my kandi jewelry. It’s amazing—whatever the genre is called these days—that it’s really grown, and I love most of the genres.

What other aspect of your career might people recognize you from?

I’m also a mainstream model; I’ve been on the covers of numerous magazines: Eye Candy—a curvaceous/sexy magazine—Got Curves,Xcitement, Glam Modelz and a couple of other ones. I also do adult films and adult entertainment/feature dancing. I’ve been in Penthouse, I worked for a bunch of girl/girl companies. I’m a spokesmodel for Twala Intimates and Crimestopper, which is a very high-end alarm for your car that’s pretty awesome. I’ve been on The Maury Show, and 21 & Over is the mainstream movie I’ve been in.

You’ve undergone a weight-loss transformation as well?

I lost 120 pounds about three years ago, and I’m writing a book about my weight-loss story, the trials and tribulations and what I went through to get to that point, because losing that amount of weight is hard! The book gives you a background of where I came from and how I got to be the weight I was and how unhappy I was, as well as all the positives that came from it. It also has 300 recipes in it, dishes that I’ve pulled apart, remade and came up with new alternative ideas. For example, I put oatmeal in my chili—it sounds kind of weird, but it actually is better than rice! … I think it’ll be very inspiring for a lot of women and men to help them shape whatever they want to do.

Looking forward to the rest of the year, what do you have in the works? Perhaps a full-length artist album?

For the rest of the year, I’m definitely working on my album. My dad and I put in about two or three hours a day—my dad’s helping me produce. I also have another one of my friends who makes video-game music; he makes really good beats as well. The album’s vibe is going to be very different for the EDM community, because it’s a mixture of a lot of the things I like and I find fascinating. I like really, really hard bass. I love the bottom ends. Every time I went to a rave when I was a kid I always used to stand next to the subwoofer and listen to the bass because it sort of is like your heartbeat. We’re working toward some of it being really, really deep bass.

I also have my book coming out midyear, my lingerie line launches in September and I also have been doing circus training with Vegas Polecats. I’ve been doing the aerial silks, pole dancing and the lyra. I feel like the lyra is sort of my specialty; I’ve been training really hard for that, because I want to start adding that to a feature show that I will be doing later this year.

Originally published in Vegas Seven.

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