Above & Beyond Makes Its Move, This Time to Hakkasan

above_and_beyond_no_credit_web-900x595As Las Vegas social media buzzes about who will be DJing where this year, trance trio Above & Beyond is set to mix things up by pulling up stakes for the third time in three years.

First at Marquee, then spinning at Wynn and Encore, members Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness and Paavo Siljamäki have been lured to Hakkasan for 2014. We chatted with Siljamäki about what Above & Beyond has in store for clubbers when the three take control of the MGM Grand megaclub’s decks.

What will the Above & Beyond experience be like at Hakkasan this year?

We’ve just been looking into the club’s equipment and what people are doing over there, and I’m really excited having now having seen lots of footage and all the gear. We’ll end up doing a unique version of [our touring] show for Hakkasan, and I’m personally coming down with Neil, our LD [lighting designer], to fine-tune things. So it should look and sound great.

Will it be possible to integrate the live, on-screen messaging that is such a staple of your live shows for audiences at the Hakkasan shows?

Most definitely. And we’re going to find some cool new ways of doing it. I’m going in there a couple of days before the show, and we’re going to see how we can get all that stuff working the best way in that room.

You’re also in the studio working on the next Above & Beyond album. Will you get to showcase works in progress at your new residency?

Bit by bit, we’re starting to play new tracks [live]. So the Hakkasan residency is going to be a good place where we will be testing some of the new tracks from the new album.

Originally published in Vegas Seven.

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