Concert Review: Pulley, Backstage Bar & Billiards, Jan. 11

Photo by Wayne Posner

You know it’s not a real punk show until you slip in someone’s puke. The event put on at Backstage Bar & Billiards by Suckerpunch Records and Nevermore Productions perfectly tapped into the right corner of the music market and got fans to pack the bar with PBR’s held high. The predominately local crowd was warmed up with sets by The Happy Campers(yes, they are still around, no joke), War Called Home and The Core, culminating the night with headliners Pulley.

The California punk outfit celebrates 20 years of rocking out this year, and sounded just as good as when we’d all swap their albums in high school. Launching into the crowd-pleasing “Working Class Whore,” Pulley singer Scott Radinsky commanded the stage despite wearing a decidedly non-punk Lucille’s Bar-B-Que shirt—or maybe that is really punk. No matter, you’d never know the band had been on hiatus with the precision with which they played on favorites including “Cashed In,” “Second Best,” “Insects Destroy” and any other Pulley song one could have hoped for from the night. Overall, a show totally worth stepping in puke for!  ★★★★☆

Originally published in Vegas Seven.

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