Sensation in Vegas: An Ocean of White

sensation.jpgLas Vegas – An “Ocean of White” flooded the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas this past October 5. As the inaugural Sensation in the City of Sin, the Amsterdam-based event welcomed 21-and-up dance music fans clad in all-white attire to a world of massive décor that included a Sputnik-style centerpiece, giant suspended jellyfish, water features, pyrotechnics and plenty of sexy performers.

Walking through the MGM Grand to get to the event was an experience in itself. The casino floor was dotted with white clothing, but as one got closer to the Arena, it was like walking into a communal sea of participants in the know. Costume creativity (or ladies in their skivvies and/or tutus) was less than expected, but the overall effect wowed.

Kicking the night off in a rotating DJ booth, Sensation resident Mr. White (no, not aBreaking Bad reference) got the party started with some proper house—save a head-scratching remix of Prince’s “1999”—but super-solid grooves nonetheless.

Keeping the good tunes flowing next was French DJ/producer Sébastien Léger digging deep and playing the best set of the night. Conversely, Holland’s Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano didn’t seem to get the memo that this was a festival and not a typical evening at a Vegas nightclub, and out came the “Clarity” and “Wake Me Up” cards, diverting the night into the typical commercial EDM sound or more familiar offerings like “Jack” and “Now Let Me See You Work.”

Closing out the night, English DJ/producer Michael Woods also went a more banging route with aggressive electro-house, even throwing in a remix of the most overplayed dance track of all time, “Show Me Love.”

The overall Sensation experience made the event worth attending, though it was unfortunate that the event was cut down to one day. Here’s hoping Las Vegas gets another chance for Sensation next year, in case you missed it, because it’s definitely a party that dance music fans should be a part of at least once. The next stateside Sensation takes place in Miami on October 12, followed by New York October 26. More information can be found at

Originally published in DJ Times. 

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