Album Reviews: Beats Antique, William Close and Hunters


Beats Antique, A Thousand Faces—Act 1 (Beats Antique Records)

This is what I imagine Burning Man to sound like. Granted I’ve never made the pilgrimage, but in my mind, Beats Antique would play constantly. Or maybe it’s a sexy gypsy party, filled with girls wearing those jangly skirts and rings that connect to a bracelet. Perhaps an old-timey freak show? No matter what mental images you take away from Beats Antique’s first in a two-volume offering, a rousing theatrical time comes from listening. Take the “Doors of Destiny” warped game-show motif, complete with meowing cat drops. And you can’t go wrong with a guest appearance by Les Claypool on “Beelzebub.” The sonic adventure could only be made more interesting by the accompanying stage show, but alas, there aren’t any Vegas stops on the tour. Bummer. ★★★✩✩


William Close & the Earth Harp Collective, Behind the Veil(Self-released)

Hauntingly beautiful. The earth harp—a massive stringed instrument that can be hooked up to darn near everything from the Colosseum in Rome to the Seattle Space Needle—sings with a resonating, full-bodied tone in the hands of its creator, William Close. With the level of deeply soul-sweeping musicality on the 10 tracks captured on the recording, one doesn’t even need the visual instillation art angle to enjoy the album. From pairing the classical with a modern twist, such as Pachelbel’s “Canon” and U2’s “With or Without You,” to new interpretations of “Moonlight Sonata” or the layers of the title track, Behind the Veil is a must for music lovers who appreciate innovation as well as nods to the past. ★★★★✩


Hunters, Hunters (Mom + Pop)

Pure gritty punk with a little bit of pop-y sweetness is exactly what Brooklyn outfit Hunters bring to the table. If CBGB’s was still open, this band would be headlining midweek and wallpapering the bathroom with their stickers before sweating all over the monitors and first row of fans. Sure, the songs aren’t particularly unique, but definitely a mosh-worthy offering. With dual male and female vocals, Las Vegas music lovers that already dig the Dirty Panties would probably rock out to the 10 tracks. Download “Narcissist” and “It’s True” for a taste. ★★✩✩✩

Disc Scan

Upcoming on Deanna’s radar …

SEPT. 24: It’s the moment Krewella fans have been waiting for; the trio’s first LP, Get Wet, drops today. Even better news is Smashing Pumpkins’Oceania: Live in NYC CD/DVD is out. SEPT. 30: Are you a Eurythmics fan? Dave Stewart’s solo album Lucky Numbers hits the stores—er, favorite online music retailer—on this date. Oct. 8: Maybe it’s the high schooler in me, but I still kinda dig Korn and will be giving The Paradigm Shift a listen.

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