Psytrance duo Infected Mushroom’s mind-tripping experience spreads to Las Vegas

Those expecting Infected Mushroom to be merely two DJ/producers are set to be overwhelmed. The electronic psytrance artists will be bringing a full-on audio/video show to the Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool on June 20. It will be perfect to gear you up for the Electric Daisy Carnival, or as a taste of an all-out electronic music experience if you aren’t attending EDC. Now based out of Los Angeles, the Israeli duo consists of Amit Duvdevani (“Dudev”) and Erez Eisen. Dudev fills us in on the Fungus AmongUs show and what’s on the plate for Infected Mushroom.

Will this be a DJ set or will you perform with a full band?

We’re doing the new Fungus AmongUs show, which has 3-D projecting-mapping, two huge spheres and is basically our new live show—but is only me and Erez. It’s really intense. … This is a show you won’t see either in a festival or other places.

Looking at footage, it seems to be reminiscent of DJ Shadow’s Shadowsphere or Amon Tobin’s stage rigs.

It’s the same people that built Amon Tobin’s stage, so we call it “Amon Tobin on Steroids” [laughs].

Since people might not be familiar with those references, what does the experience encompass?

Fungus AmongUs is basically two huge spheres floating inside a screen on a big stage upon which are projected 3-D animations. The music by Infected Mushroom is basically from down-tempo to high-tempo, to more of drum and bass and stuff like that. Basically I call it a bit of a visual experience with Infected Mushroom music in the background.

You use Emulator controller screens; how would you describe how those are incorporated?

The Emulator is a big help to this particular set because it controls and triggers some of the graphics and a lot of the sounds, vocals and stuff, and helps me a lot while I’m going out of the sphere and into the sphere. It’s a new dimension of playing on a stage. The Emulator was fitted for this show and I’m really happy to play with it.

Your last album, Army of Mushrooms, had a collaboration with Jonathan Davis of Korn, whom you’ve worked with before. What’s in the works for the next album beyond the new single “See Me Now”? Any guest artists?

Actually, Friends on Mushrooms [Volume 2 EP] is coming out in July; I have very young people collaborating on it: Savant from Europe andPegboard Nerds from Denmark are both on this album. Friends on Mushrooms Volume 3 is already in the works with collaborations withZedd, the M Machine, Steve Aoki and a few more. This whole year is kind of an EDM-influenced vibe on the album, so next year we’ll see where we’ll go.

Anyone joining you onstage in Vegas?

I really don’t know. But this is one day before EDC, so let’s see what’s going on. It’s a big, big weekend for electronic music in Vegas.

Originally published in Vegas Seven.

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