Album Reviews: Daft Punk, Tricky and Giuseppe Ottaviani


Daft Punk, Random Access Memories (Columbia)

Don’t believe the hype. Since my reviews run every three weeks, you’ve likely heard the much-anticipated release from Daft Punk and have formed your own opinion by now. But with all the buzz surrounding the album, I just gotta say: I expected so much more. Sure, I get it. They’re trying to change the sound of current electronic music by reaching back to its roots with “disco” written all over it. And that first single “Get Lucky” is a catchy pop gem. But overall, Random Access Memories is a snooze fest that sounds like a ’70s porno soundtrack. I’m gonna go cry in disappointment now. ★★☆☆☆


Tricky, False Idols (False Idols)

Tricky is one cool cat, and False Idols oozes dark sexiness—in an S&M bondage-curious kinda way. The tracks entrance the listener by letting the music breathe a bit between seductive hooks. Tricky offers an interesting twist on music once again, such as a nod to Patti Smith’s “Gloria” on “Somebody’s Sins,” and looping Chet Baker on “Valentine.” It wouldn’t be surprising if David Lynch used this album as a soundtrack for his next mind-fucking masterpiece. Fight as hard as you can to keep your clothes on and your hands off those around you during the 16 tracks. ★★★★☆

Trance/Progressive Trance

Giuseppe Ottaviani, Magenta (Black Hole Recordings)

Quick, someone hand me my glowsticks, I’m going in! Italian DJ/producer Giuseppe Ottaviani (previously of NU NRG) encapsulates the spirit of those epic trance moments with his sophomore album that was four years in the making. Starting off with a surprising bit of breakbeats on “Rush” (hooray, breakbeats!), he then delves into trancier territory for the majority of the album with those driving beats that transport your soul to the energy of a massive festival experience. (I’ll excuse the cheesy/predictable lyrics.) Standouts include the title track with Ferry Corsten, “Feel the Music” (complete with what sounds like kryo blasts), and “Cold Flame.” ★★★☆☆

Disc Scan

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Originally published in Vegas Seven.

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