Concert Review: Prince, The Joint, April 26

“Thank u 4 a funky time,” Prince! Taking the stage with a classic high-collar Prince jacket and curly hair looking like he channeled Jimi Hendrix, The Purple One launched into “Let’s Go Crazy” with a packed house shouting an enthusiastic, “Oh no, let’s go!” along with him. “We’re the house band for your party tonight!” he told the audience, complete with his affinity for female musicians in the form of backing band 3rd Eye Girl—a trio of badass, talented chicks.

Instead of banging out the expected hits, Prince delved into his extensive catalogue and less obvious territory for the majority of his set, including “She’s Always in My Hair” from the Revolution era, plus new tracks “Plectrum Electrum” and “FIXURLIFEUP.” The downside of the show was that with all his guitar shredding and groovy beats it sounded like one of the speakers blew about midway through the set, creating that annoying fuzzy buzz, but it thankfully went unnoticed onstage as he continued for nearly 20 songs. Climbing behind the piano and closing out with “Purple Rain,” he had the crowd going wild. Making us truly beg for a few minutes for the encore, he then turned it into a full-on dance party as he saved the best for last with “When Doves Cry” and “I Would Die 4 U,” proving that even at age 54, Prince is still one talented “Sexy M.F.” ★★★★☆

Originally published in Vegas Seven.

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