Pinnacle Electronic Music & Arts Festival gets the party out of the clubs

Road trip! Getting tired of the same old, same old—popping bottles and uncomfortable club clothes? On May 3-5, Las Vegas party people Brett Rubin, DJ Crime, Ron Brust and others are putting on the Pinnacle Electronic Music and Arts Festival—and they want you to hit the highway and try something different.

“It’s a three-night campout festival in the desert on private land in the high California desert near Apple Valley,” Rubin says. “The main thing about the party is the music and like-minded people coming together to enjoy a weekend. If dressing like a giant giraffe is your thing, then do it! If you’re a steampunk guy, dress like that. If you like to wear shirts and button-downs with a pocket protector, then rock it. That’s the beauty of it: Anyone can make it the experience that they want and come as they are.”

Approximately three hours from Las Vegas, familiar names abound on the DJ lineup, packed with nearly 100 performers. Headliners include Donald Glaude, the U.K.’s Coffi, Mobius 8 with his interactive laser show, DJ Swamp lighting his turntables on fire, an A/V set from DJ Rectangle, plus local spinners Joey Mazzola, SpaceByrdz, Morningstar, Miss Joy, Michael Toast and many more.

“We’re building three really awesome stages,” Rubin says. “The main ‘Coliseum’ stage has a video-mapped DJ booth, and surrounding it for 360 degrees are five circular video screens.” Aiding Pinnacle is DJ Crime, an accomplished VJ and video producer. “He’s been creating the booths, the content and doing all the projection mapping,” Rubin says.

If you’re a fan of indoor plumbing and aren’t fond of roughing it, you’ll find that Pinnacle isn’t as intimidating as it might seem. “The Burning Man community is certainly a group that we attract, being part of that community,” Rubin says. “But we open the doors to everybody: the club kids, the ravers, the nature people.” RVs are welcome as long as they’re gas self-sufficient. You can rent camping gear at REI if you don’t own any, and there’ll be plenty of people around to help you set up camp. Or you can just sleep in your car if you so desire. There will be food and craft vendors onsite, but it’s recommended you stock up on water and any food necessities. And BYOB. (No glass containers and leave no trace.) Working folks are welcome to only go for one night if that’s all they can swing.

“It’s a community-based event, and people will help provide for you if you need it; that’s the way the community comes together,” Rubin says. “If someone’s thirsty, someone will give them a drink. If someone’s hungry, someone will feed them. It’s all about sharing, but it’s important to come prepared. We’ll also have a medical tent and staff on board.”

Pinnacle is about more than just electronic music. During the day you can join in a yoga class or participate in multiple workshops such as learning turntablism or the best way to cure hangovers. Interactive art exhibits and an open-jam area with instruments are part of the experience as well.

“There’s something special that happens when 1,500 like-minded people get together in one place for the weekend,” Rubin says. “You can see a big DJ in a Vegas club any weekend you want, but these kind of parties only come once in a while.”

Originally published in Vegas Seven.

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