Three Questions with Second Sun’s Antoine Becks

Second_Sun_Faded_Sides_t1000A lot of people don’t understand that not everyone who performs in a DJ booth is a DJ. For your October 23 gig at Rain (doors at 11 p.m., $30), what will clubgoers experience from you and Adam White?

Yeah, that’s pretty much the biggest misconception with Second Sun. We’re not DJs; we’re a live act. We’re playing all our own songs and remixes live onstage. It just sort of feels like a DJ set because we don’t stop between songs… and then I have my live vocals.

You like to jump off things when you perform. Ever get injured?

I once broke my ankle. But that wasn’t onstage while I was performing. I was sort of walking fast to go offstage, and I thought the stairs were on my side of the ramp … so I just straight up walked offstage, and it was like a six-foot drop. But with my jumps onstage, I’ve never gotten hurt before.

You started going to raves at 14. Were you a Kandi Kid in UFO pants?

For a while I was wearing a Nintendo Power Glove, because we used to breakdance. I had this stupid-looking Power Glove and I cut off the power cord. I had pants made out of Bubble Wrap with pockets and a zipper and everything. But I’m guilty of wearing UFOs.

Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly.

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