I’m a Hustler, Baby: What Went Down at Larry Flynt’s Grand Opening

hustler_club_by_mikey_mcnulty_71_t1000.jpgSarah Palin was wriggling out of her clothes as Michael Phelps and Kid Rock looked on. Of course, it’s wasn’t the real Palin, Phelps or Kid Rock, but entertaining nonetheless.

After teasing us with its massive endeavor for two-and-a-half years, the new Hustler mega-club celebrated its grand opening September 10 with porn stars, wall-to-wall guests and celebrity impersonators. The man himself, owner Larry Flynt, presided over the evening from his private VIP Grand Honey Suite above the main stage.

Hustler’s three floors of entertainment looked like the ultimate bachelor party, with celebratory balloons, shiny new stages and a whole lotta hotties not wearing a whole lot. “Michael Phelps is in the house—put that bong away!” the emcee called from the stage as heads turned to get a look at what we’re 99.9 percent sure was a mere facsimile of the freakishly talented swimmer. Later he instigated a strip club sing-along as 2 Live Crew’s “We Want Some Pussy” blared from the bumping sound system, then convinced patrons and strippers to switch spots during dollar dances with awkward-yet-amusing results.

A busser scurried past in a “Relax … it’s just sex” shirt as three contortionists took to the stage. Aerialists soared overhead. Dancers crawled seductively on glass catwalks. For those looking to party with a little less T&A (though we’re not sure why you’d want that at Hustler), the rooftop patio overlooking the city was packed, and featured performers, including Lisa Ann (the aforementioned Sarah Palin alter ego), posed for photos with fans.

As a gaggle of topless women whipped a bachelor with his own belt, real celebs did stop by for the evening, including Vince Neil, Ron Jeremy and Mark Curry. As soon as the emcee announced Curry was hangin’ at Hustler, dancers in sky-high heels flocked to his table. “It’s my first strip club in Vegas,” Curry told the Weekly as a stripper attempted to distract him. “I’m glad I didn’t bring any cash.”

Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly.

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