Get Inked for Tattoosday

tattoosdayWhether tramp stamps and tribal or full-sleeves and traditional, all manners of tattoos were spotted Tuesday at Wet Republic. Here’s hoping those in attendance were liberal with the SPF so their artwork doesn’t fade in the sun.

Tattoosdays at Wet Republic — co-sponsored by X-107.5 Xtreme Radio — is free to everyone, inked or not, Tuesdays in July. And if you’re feeling left out because you lack permanent pigmentation, you can go the wimpy route and get airbrushed artwork at the pool party.

Scoring this week’s grand prize of a free night’s stay at the MGM Grand and VIP entrance to Wet Republic and Tabu was 26-year-old Seattle tattoo artist Chani Murat, who stopped by with her parents after spotting an ad in the Weekly. Thoroughly tattooed, Murat’s Rosie the Riveter portrait with “Mama” above it was chosen as the crowd’s favorite.

“As far as tattoos, it really depends, I think, on who’s here,” says X-107.5’s Bean. “But Iusually look for a lot of individuality — no tribal or any of that, and if you are going to do tribal, at least go all the way around the arm. Don’t be a pussy. So that and obviously just good, clean work.”

Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly.

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