Air Force Amy Bares All at the Brothel

airforceamy15_t1000.jpgFirst she went north, now she’s gone down south. Becoming a familiar face — actually, familiar everything — to many via her role on the HBO documentary show CatHouse, Air Force Amy now is more accessible than ever to Las Vegas fans.

As one of the most well known legal prostitutes, Amy’s made the move from the brothels outside of Carson City to The Resort & Spa at Sheri’s Ranch over the hump in Pahrump.

“It’s really great that now I’m closer to Las Vegas,” says Amy. Obviously more people vacation in Las Vegas than Carson City, so that’s more convenient for potential customers and even fans that want to drop by and say hello. It’s also closer to Nellis Air Force Base, the former U.S. Air Force servicewoman’s old stomping grounds.

And though her clients come from all over the country and different walks of life, Amy has a soft spot for the brave men and women in uniform and offers a military discount for her services. A true hooker with a heart of gold, Amy also offers “(deals for) seniors citizens, local discounts, an ‘I’m not having a good day discount,’ an ‘I’m looking particularly good today’ discount,” she laughs.

On a normal day, Amy wakes up around 7 a.m. in her room at the brothel, a quaint, clean space where she sleeps and also entertains clients. An armoire angled in the corner houses a variety of adult novelties and fetish items. “My typical day is probably a lot more fun than yours,” laughs Amy, though it starts off relatively normal as she first meditates, exercises, and sips coffee while checking e-mail and making phone calls. “Then I get ready for the floor and I get to put my hair all up, put my makeup on and decide what glamorous clothes that I’m going to wear today — or am I going to wear lingerie, or whatever persona I’d like to be that day.”

Amy usually has one appointment per day, though she also gives tours, signs autographs and takes pictures with fans. In addition, she attends lineups when clients come in to peruse the girls at Sheri’s. “There was a time when [brothels] did a volume business and we may have seen 10 clients a day,” explains Amy. “It isn’t like that any longer. The romp-in-the-hay-days are gone. We have more girlfriend experiences and evening experiences now.”

For those who never have visited Sheri’s, the brothel has two entrances: One is specifically for clients wanting to see a lineup of the girls to choose from and/or if they have an appointment. “Or you can just visit our sports bar and in that area the ladies can approach you to see if you’re interested or if you have a chemistry. If not, then another lady will approach you,” Amy says. If interested, potential clients can ask to be taken on a tour where process and prices of different parties are discussed. “You may or may not come to an agreement; you’re absolutely not obligated. You can check around and just come ready to have some fun.”

Couples also visit Sheri’s Ranch, though Amy says female clients by themselves are also welcome. “A lot of couples will come stay in one of our suites in the hotel for the weekend and play out their own personal fantasies and then perhaps see me,” says Amy. “I teach, educate, have fun and show them a lot of techniques and tips that I’ve learned through the years. Then they take it back to the hotel room with them. We have a full weekend of lessons, and it’s one of the things that does not necessarily have to stay in Vegas. You can take a brand new sex life home with you!”

Amy makes it a point to dispel myths about the current state of the oldest profession. “A lot of people think of prostitutes as what perhaps you would see maybe in the streets of Las Vegas — they’re drug-addicted, they have pimps, problems, addictions.” But at Sheri’s? “These are really high-class ladies of the evening to entertain — the epitome of entertainment — and we realize the value of a dollar and we need to keep our clients for life,” she says.

“Half of what you spend has nothing to do with sex when you visit the brothel. If you go look for sex from a stranger, a lot of bad things can happen to you that won’t happen here. No one’s under the bed and gonna steal your wallet. No one’s outside the door and gonna hit you on the head. The police aren’t going to come raid the place. Your car’s not getting confiscated. Your name’s not going in the paper,” says Amy. “We’ve celebrated our millionth customer in the state of Nevada with no STD to leave one of the houses. We’re checked by a doctor once a week for five different STDs plus chlamydia. Once a year they check us for hepatitis A, B and C. And every time we leave the house and every time we come back in to the house we’re checked for syphilis and AIDS. So it’s a very, very, very safe environment.”

When it comes to critics of legal prostitution, Amy is fairly indifferent. “To be honest, to each his own. I don’t judge other people, and if you judge me, that’s okay, too. But I wouldn’t have anything to say to you; I wouldn’t defend myself. That’s your position, that’s fine with me.”

While Amy remains mum about her age, admits she gets nervous in front of the camera, is not in a relationship and originally planed to switch from a sex provider to an erotic educator earlier this year (she’s almost finished with her degree in human sexuality), the Nevada resident cites the tanking real-estate market as a reason to keep on keepin’ on. “I may not be the youngest,” Amy laughs, “I may not be the prettiest or the skinniest — or some days not even the nicest — but I am the best sex you will ever have.”

Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly.

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