Things Get Intimate at New Artisan Pool Party

loungeinn_t1000.jpgI should not be allowed to have pretty, pointed objects while partying. On Sunday, I almost poked out someone’s eye with a parasol. A decorative sun umbrella.

Fortunately, I was the only accident-prone partier at the Artisan May 16 for Keith Evan presents Lounge Inn. The new Sunday pool party rotates between different themes, like last week’s Parasol Twist Session, where umbrellas were handed out for those that had arrived without.

The most intimate recurring pool party in memory, that’s exactly what Lounge Inn is going for (plus the Artisan doesn’t mind if ladies go sans tops while poolside, though I refrained). With an invite-only approach, Vegas locals in the know got wind of the event tucked away at the boutique hotel just off Sahara near the Strip.

In addition to the Parasol Twist Session monthly, other themes include an all-white attire party, “Flipping Out,” where guests wear their most bizarre flip-flops and sunglasses, the upcoming “Memorial Meltdown” water gun fight, a “Pacific Sessions” Asian-themed event, and the semi-regular Beach Ball Birthday Bash.

“It’s always something quirky that fits an intimate atmosphere,” says Evan.

“This party is for people who don’t want to go to the other parties,” he continues. “We offer different music for people who don’t want the commercialism,” and the format ranges from reggae and mid tempo funk to disco, soul and deep house.

Lounge Inn kicks off Sundays at 3 p.m.—perfect for folks that hate waking up before 2 p.m. on a weekend. The pool party continues until 10 p.m., and for partiers that aren’t ready to go home, special Lounge Inn room rates are available for $40 for the night. Bottle specials start at $150, and items from the Artisan’s restaurant can be ordered poolside.

Feeling left out just because you didn’t receive an invite? Lounge Inn welcomes attendees over 21 as long as they bring good vibes (and aren’t afraid of water guns, or parasols, for that matter). For more info, e-mail

Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly.

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