Amazon Eve: The 6-foot-8 dominatrix comes to Vegas

Amazon Eve: 6‘8”; Reporter Deanna Rilling: 5‘10” (Photo: Trent Ogle)

And you thought you had body-image issues.

Eve stands out in a crowd. And on the street. Or walking through a mall. In fact, this 6-foot-8 model/dominatrix stands above the crowd nearly everywhere she goes.

Amazon Eve, as she is known, became an overnight sensation thanks to a bikini photo shoot for the Australian magazine Zoo Weekly where she towered over a shorter model who barely came up to Eve’s bosom. The image was striking, but to Eve it was just life. After all, most models (most people, for that matter) are shorter than Eve.

Until the past year or so, Eve preferred to shy away from the public eye. Though she’s American, she says she was predisposed to be tall thanks to a Dutch and German background. Both her parents are over six feet in height.

“Kids are brutal. They were brutal with me growing up,” Eve recalls. “I was tall. I was skinny. I had no shape. I was awkward and I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. Not until later on in life did I start getting in to fitness, started working out, changing the shape of my body, become comfortable in my own skin.”

Initially, Eve studied theatre and loved performing, but found herself cast overwhelmingly in the roles of monsters and aliens. Frustration with off-the-wall bit parts and a focus on her stature drove Eve to law school. After that, she decided to become a personal trainer, which helped her overcome some of her insecurities.

“At one point in my life it was kind of a bother, so I hid,” says Eve. “I hid in a law office, I hid in the various jobs that I’ve had in the past. … One of the things I can never be is a size zero model. I tried to do that. I was looking like a concentration camp victim.”

As she got in to shape, one of Eve’s personal training clients suggested she make her height work for her. The client was a professional dominatrix and told Eve about a world of Amazon women adored by men. “It was the easiest gig,” says Eve of starting a career as an Amazon dominatrix. Her first client was a small Asian man who paid her $300 to simply carry him around for 30 minutes. “Domination and submission has nothing to do with a sexual service,” Eve clarifies. “It has to do with power. … I just throw them around,” she laughs. “Eighty percent of what I do is I pick up guys.”

The 30-something Eve doesn’t show up to her client’s door wearing leather and carrying whips or ropes to tie them up — well, except when Eve is playing the part of a cowgirl and hog-ties her clients after wrestling them to the ground. “It’s called domination with proof,” Eve explains. Her theatre background also comes in handy to play out various roles for clients.

When the Weekly met up with Eve at the Miracle Miles shops inside Planet Hollywood during her stop in Vegas, she was already chatting with a gentleman fan. Strolling through the mall, reactions to Eve were mixed — women seemed to stare in disbelief; one store clerk even mouthed the words “Holy shit!” before beckoning over a co-worker to gawk as Eve passed by.

On the other hand, men (especially shorter guys) absolutely adored Eve and repeatedly came up to not only inquire about her height, but to tell her they though she was incredible and gorgeous. Eve graciously accepted their compliments and chatted warmly with the gents.

“Eventually you just get over it and you become comfortable in your own skin,” Eve says. “I’m not from another planet; I’m not a Sasquatch; I’m not an aircraft carrier, and I’m not a man.”

Besides, can you change a light bulb without a ladder or see over a crowd at a concert? Didn’t think so.

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