Stripper sundaes!

Cherry on top: Dancers “Cherry” (blue thong) and “Cali” (red thong) are transformed into a stripper sundae with help from patrons at Little Darlings. (Photo by Tiffany Brown)

Sexy. Sticky. And with sprinkles in places where the sun doesn’t shine. Sundays at Little Darlings just got tasty.

Now that Seamless has become Déjà vu Erotic Ultralounge and is undergoing a remodel, the champagne-coupe glass from the foyer has found a new home and a more exciting purpose.

Starting a few weeks ago, Sundays at Little Darlings are now about sundaes of the ice cream variety. Take the giant glass, two girls, three songs and a whole lotta toppings and you get a sweet twist on adult entertainment in Las Vegas.

“We’re bringing the fun back to strip clubs,” said Little Darlings general manager Gary Nemeth, who took over the gentlemen’s club about nine months ago.

Nemeth and manager Mark Pacifici said one of their goals was to entice customers with late-night fantasies such as costumed theme sets and “wet sets” with bubble baths and chocolate on Fridays and Saturdays.

For those with a sweet tooth to satisfy, Sunday nights at Little Darlings are the week’s dessert. Just after midnight, complementary ice cream sundaes are given to all patrons in the club. When the Weekly stopped by last Sunday, two blonde doppelgangers in tiny aprons resembling naughty candy stripers were handing out canisters of whip cream to patrons eager to partake in a slightly different sundae.

That treat took place when two of Darlings’ ladies were helped into the giant glass located at the center of the venue (and we must say, every single dancer working December 13 was very attractive — a first for as long as we can remember at a strip club). Customers were then invited to build a sundae directly on top of “Cherry” and “Cali.” With their hair tied up, the petite dancers began smothering one another with handfuls of ice cream. The DJ called out for the chocolate, and more patrons happily obliged, bottles of syrup in hand.

“We’ve got sprinkles, guys!” the DJ announced, and containers of the sugary nonpareils were dashed over the duo, while participants grinned from ear to ear. Dollars flew through the air into the concoction, adhering to the girls as they batted eyes at each other and the crowd.

And what sundae would be complete without a cherry on top? In this case, it was Cherry on top of Cali as they were sliding around in the glass with maraschino cherries serving as the final ingredient in the stripper sundae.

After about 15 minutes, the sundae-making process had turned into a delectable — albeit messy — dish. The result was more of a seductive sundae soup than a step-by-step ice-cream-layering process, but the onlookers didn’t mind.

“Every strip club is just girls on stage,” Cherry said of the Vegas norm, after showering (not in front of patrons). “Any time the guys can interact with us is fun.”

“They get upset when they run out of whipped cream,” laughed Cali. Added Cherry, “Then they can feed cherries to us and all they have to do is throw a few dollars in there.”

Patrons shy about participating can essentially make their own sundae in the form of club perks for the evening. Little Darlings allows customers to “select any two toppings” from a menu of items such as a 2-for-1 dances, free DVDs, T-shirts, complimentary admission on their next visit, 25 percent off a one-year VIP card, a 30-percent bookstore discount, free energy drinks or a $50 VIP table with either unlimited hookah or a bucket of energy drinks. (Fully nude clubs in Vegas can’t serve alcohol with the exception of the Palomino.)

“It attracts a crowd,” Cali said of the sundae-making process. Free admission on Sundays for military personnel didn’t hurt, either, and a few uniforms were spotted among the crowd.

The dancers laughed at the downside to the sundae process. “I’m still sticky even after showering,” Cali said as she examined her hair, which still had chocolate sauce in it. Cherry added that they’d prefer participants don’t spray whip cream and chocolate in their face because then they have to re-do their makeup and it takes them longer to get back on the floor to dance. Another hazard of being a human sundae? “The sprinkles go in our butt cracks,” Cherry laughed.

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