Overheard outside a teen dance club

Prostitot:  I don’t feel a thing. I want my money back.

Short guy who should probably be more discreet about his illegal career as a street pharmacist:  My pills ain’t bunk. I’m on them right now and I’m rolling balls!

Prostitot:  It’s been 30 minutes and nothing!

Tall E-tard:  Your pupils are big so it’s in your system.

Prostitot:  Well, I still don’t feel anything. You ripped me off!

Short guy:  That’s bullshit.

Tall E-tard:  Just wait like an hour. I took the same pills, too, but you’re fucking up my roll now with this shit.

The author to her friend:  If these kids are on Ecstasy, you’d think they’d be a whole lot friendlier.

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