Rating “The Hangover” against a real night of partying

The night is about to get stoooooopid.
The night is about to get stoooooopid.

How cute. Some tourists got effed up in Vegas.

The Hangover starts with the best way to ensure you’ll feel like hell the next day: Jäger. Then there’s the subsequent waking up anywhere except in bed, forgetting your vehicle’s location and puking at the thought of consuming anything besides water. Yet in the film, Phil, Stu and Alan apparently have some magic hangover cure we’ve yet to try; they’re amazingly functional and looking for lost buddy Doug before you can say “Pedialyte.”

For professional partiers (i.e., the Vegas nightlife industry), when you’re separated from friends during the course of a night, the massive headache and nausea from over-imbibing result in phones off and hibernation for at least a day. You’ll figure out everyone’s whereabouts on Monday morning … er—afternoon.

As moderately enjoyable as the film is, we challenge the next Vegas-debauchery movie to party local style-y. Hit up the open-bar promotions, lose your cell phone, have a bizarre interaction with Mike Tyson (okay, The Hangover covered that one) and then sleep it off in a parking garage. Hmmm. Sounds like the typical weekend for me.

(Originally published in Las Vegas Weekly and at LasVegasWeekly.com.)


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